For many a Disney fan, Dateline Disneyland has become an institution. It’s a weekly recapping of the goings-on at the Disneyland Resort and whether those goings-on were large or small, the MiceChat column ran pretty consistently for more than eight years.

This month, that tradition comes to an end with Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro retiring from the popular pictorial portal.

Although the polarizing opinions shared were oft the cause for many a social media storm, comment war, or back and forth banter, there’s no denying that the weekly postings got the mice chattering.

On more than a few occasions, we got the chance to (were unfortunately subjected to?) seeing Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro in action at the Happiest Place on Earth. We made quite a few observations over the years for possibly THE WORST Disney fan ever and thought we’d share a few of them…

Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro loves Disneyland.

He LOVES taking pictures of dirt.

He also really loves stairs. Like REALLY loves them. He can take pictures of them and tweet about them. A lot. Like really, a lot. He has dreams about them. Everyone has their thing.

Sometimes the stress of Fine Blogging™ gets to Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro. But Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro perseveres!

Despite being a miserable miser, Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro loves the holidays.

He also likes to take pictures of food.

Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro is also known to go up to complete strangers to take pictures of their food. Without even asking them. Weird, right?

He looks boldly onwards to the next photographical challenge. At least once a week.

Rain or blistering heat will not deter one Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro.

Sometimes Fine Blogging™ is tiring. Resting on a bench like Unky Walt is a favorite pastime of Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro. Some of his finest tweets come from him sitting on Main Street.

Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro takes pictures of ALL the details. What a gem.

He loves live entertainment. Can’t you just feel the smile on his face there?

Sometimes Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro likes to multitask on the social medias.

Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro likes to find great angles for his photographical compositions.

He’ll even climb into the weeds and plants to get the shot. Look at him go!

Sometimes he finds the magic outside of the parks. But he always goes back to his favorite past time…


FOCUS. Like the lioness of the Serengeti.

He can tweet and walk at the same time. Devotion. Talent. Skills. What can’t Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro do? Honestly!

Tarps and walls also tickle the fancies of Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro.

Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro LOVES tarps and walls. He calls them the bread and butterflies of his pictorial Wonderland. Curioser and curioser!

Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro chronicles all the important details. Always.

He even attends the grand openings of all restrooms in the parks. Not a single one has yet to play host to his majesty and that’s probably because he’s always so full of….

Love for the holidays. Really, he LOVES the holidays.

No Christmas Tree is safe from the all-seeing lens of Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro.

Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro gets right in there for all the news that matters.

Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro loves hot dogs.

Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro has an eagle-eye for spotting–I dunno, what is that, ducks? Palm trees? There’s nothing over there. Oh, Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro. What a jokester.

His unmistakable talent for taking pictures does not go unnoticed and people often request for their very own Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro portraiture. If you ask him really nicely he’ll only charge you a dollar per photo for pictures with your own cell phone! CastroTilt® and CastroVision 3D™ options are available at an extra cost.

A Cars Land Christmas is a personal favorite of Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro.

He LOVES Cars Land. Vroom!

Sometimes people snap candid pictures of Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro. So metta.

The sheer joy that comes from photographing the Happiest Place is unmistakable for Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro.

One thing that a lot of people don’t know about Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro is that he’s actually a really great friend.

No, really.

He was there for us on the day that Becca and I got engaged on “it’s a small world.”

He’s been there a lot for us over the years and we’ll always be thankful for his friendship.

We wish him a well deserved congrats on eight memorable years in the world of Disney blogging, Disney Twitter, and Disney Lifestyling. Whether good, bad, or indifferent, Dateline Disneyland is a remarkable achievement. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for such a unique soul and we wish him all the best.

Cheers to you Andy “21 Royal Street” Castro.