The Memorial Day weekend has nearly come to a close and it’s been an eventful one at the Disneyland Resort. Aside from masses of visitors coming to enjoy the happiest place on earth, the parks have been hotbeds of activity.

Over at Disney California Adventure, it’s been a hub of excitement as the new Frozen — Live at the Hyperion debuted with a splashy media reception and opened officially to the public on Friday.

Meanwhile, over at Disneyland construction continues at a fever pitch on the massive Star Wars land project at the back end of the park. Construction projects continue including Tarzan’s Treehouse while others wrap up including the Space Mountain restrooms.

Over at Downtown Disney, the new Starbucks location continues on while Chapel Hats functions as replacement for Little Mismatched. Plus we’ll run though and take a good look at merchandise around the Resort.

Spaces reserved for Grad Nite parking.

Video screens for the main poster board haven’t really spread to the majority of booths. Just the key ones that are usually always open.

Star Wars land construction or rather, demolition and dirt shiftin’ is still well underway. The view from Mickey and Friends is still the best way to take it all in. It’s a massive project.

Other peeks around the park offer a look at even more dirt…

So much has been removed that you can see Mickey and Friends Parking Structure from Critter Country!

Minnie has the best view of Star Wars construction.

Some work being done at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.

In case you hadn’t heard… FROZEN — Live at the Hyperion has officially opened at Disney California Adventure.

Park Maps are also advertising the new show.

Since the show is FastPass only (with some standby availability), it’s proven to be a popular draw at DCA in the morning. FastPasses for now are usually gone ahead of noon as everyone files into to check out the new show.

Be aware that with a capacity of about 1,800 people per show and only three showings per day, that means only about a third or less of all the people visiting DCA for the day will get the chance to experience the new spectacle.

Check out our full review and complete show video of FROZEN — Live at the Hyperion here.

Only three shows per day but Disney will eventually ramp this up to 5 showings daily if it proves necessary.

Posters under the marquee.

Even though FastPass tickets instruct to not show up more than an hour a head of showtime, eager guests are showing up in droves to get choice seats.

On the debut day on Friday, Cast Members were literally overwhelmed by the crushes of people trying to pour into the theater.

The queue experience is virtually identical to how it was run for Aladdin with separate areas for Orchestra, Mezzanine, and Balcony seating levels.

The very first audience for the show on Friday poured out of the theatre ecstatic and literally cheering.

New carpet inside the theater but not much other noticeable changes to the non-show segment of the theater.

A better look at the new carpet.

Concessions are now sold in the theater and so seats have been outfitted with cupholders.

Well stocked on concessions in the theater’s queue, too.

The show itself? It’s quite the spectacle and definitely worth a watch. Time will tell if the show will have the staying power of the Aladdin Musical Spectacular that spent more than a decade in the space. Minor technical and timing issues are still being worked out and so the show will continue to strengthen as the cast and crew get comfortable working in the space.

See for yourself!

WATCH: FULL SHOW video and pictures for ‘FROZEN — Live at the Hyperion’.

Merchandise is also on the ready for all your FROZEN needs…

Now that FROZEN — Live at the Hyperion has debuted, the Zootopia meet and greet for Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps has been relocated near Off the Page.

The “OVER CALIFORNIA” portion of the sign was removed for filming of media spots about the new SOARIN’ AROUND THE WORLD that debuts next month. It was returned later that same day once the filming had wrapped.

Hey good lookin’! Whatcha got cookin’?

Over at Disneyland the pre Memorial Day Weekends were hitting hard. It was busy!

Very busy!

Disney is hoping guests will take initiative to minimize mess by separating their liquid/ice from the recyclable containers before tossing them.

The AP Popcorn bucket program seems to off to a flying start, we heard reports that the AP-specific refillable popcorn buckets were selling out at various locations around the park.

You can also buy the Glow with the Show Chernabog and World of Color mugs and get refillable perks. Both offers expire September 5.

How the new perk works:

Purchase your refillable souvenir vessel(s) at select food and beverage locations throughout Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park, while supplies last. Options include:

  • 64-ounce Annual Passholder Refillable Popcorn Bucket for $15.00, tax included
  • 18-ounce “Fantasmic!” Chernabog Refillable Made with Magic Sipper for $25.00, tax included
  • 20-ounce World of Color Refillable Made with Magic Sipper for $25.00, tax included

Bring your special Annual Passholder Refillable Popcorn Bucket and/or Refillable Made with Magic Sipper back to select locations at either park on subsequent visits between May 27 and September 5, 2016 and receive a refill of a fountain drink or popcorn for just $1.00, each time you replenish. Frozen lemonade refills are $1.50.

Pirates of the Caribbean has reopened, no FastPass… yet.

Walk-way over pirates is closed…

Tarzan’s Treehouse is closed for refurbishment.

This little guy was shining bright in the afternoon sunlight.

Still love that they took the time to make this a new reality in the park. Looks like the Little Man of Disneyland isn’t home.

Twin trains passing in the daylight.

A lot less trees behind Big Thunder Mountain, makes it feel more like an isolated desert. Almost.

Twinkle twinkle little spire. How I wonder where you briar.

Not much noticeable going on at the Sky Way chalet that should be due for removal this year.

And now just because… a look inside the Briar Patch shop in Critter Country.

New Jungle Book Souvenir Tumblers.

Space Mountain restrooms reopened but walls still remain up near the Starcade.

Downtown Disney

Did you see ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS this weekend? We were surprised we actually enjoyed it more than the first! Check out our full review here.

The DVC center remains open while construction carries on on the second Starbucks in Downtown Disney.

Metal detectors setup at the monorail.

House of Blues closes officially tomorrow on May 31. The venue will be relocating to the nearby GardenWalk. No announcement has been made for what will be done with the space at Downtown Disney.

Little Mismatched was replaced by a Chapel Hats.

Found Nemo… as an apple, at least.

And that should bring us to…