Yesterday, Disney officially announced the long-rumored transition to demand-based pricing at the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.

For all 1-day tickets, a 3-tiered pricing structure has created three different prices for park admission depending on whether or not the day is marked as REGULAR, VALUE, or PEAK. More details about demand-based pricing for Disney Parks.

The changes went into affect today prompting a few subtle changes to the display boards at the ticket booths to explain the flex pricing structure.

It seems the long-term goal is to swap out the printed vinyl signs for easily updated television screens. For now, not all the booths are updated with television screens.

At the booths with television screens, the other signs were removed completely to avoid any confusion.

It was a weekend of beautiful weather amidst ongoing construction and refurbishment issues, check out our Saturday pictorial:

PICTORIAL: Getting some Tsum amidst lovely weather, construction and refurbs at Disneyland Resort