One of the best times to go to the Disneyland Resort is during one of the holiday seasons when the parks are completely decked out in their seasonal finery. Disneyland’s Halloween Time is a definite favorite due to spooky seasonal favorites and of course… flavors of pumpkin spice all around which brings out the most basic girl in all of us.

At a special media event a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to learn more about some of the tantalizing offerings this year and even conjured up some spooky spirits myself! We’ll have a look at that later in the month but for now, take a look at some of out not to miss things during Halloween Time!

Disneyland’s Halloween Time runs from September 11- November 1, 2015.

  1. Gingerbread House at Haunted Mansion Holiday. This is a must see every year, and this year is no different with a towering Deck of Cards.
  2. Hat Box Ghost. This newest resident in the Mansion has also gotten into the Holiday spirit. Don’t miss his collection of hats!
  3. Poison Apple Stein. Probably the hottest item guests can get their hands on for Halloween Time, these can be found around Fantasyland.
  4. Vampire Mickey Premium Popcorn Bucket. Probably just as popular as the Apple Stein, these sell out fast but can be found Resort wide.
  5. THE FOOD! There are lots and lots of treats guests can munch on this season but one of ours was the Pumpkin Cheesecake!
  6. Poison Apple-Tini at Carthay Circle is a delightful treat. This martini comes with a mini glow in the dark poison apple.
  7. Pumpkin Beignets. That’s really all we need to say, you can get these at the Mint Julep Bar and Cafe Orleans.
  8. Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy. If you can brave the cool sound effects and projections before you even ride the attraction, this is a blast and always a favorite.
  9. Oktoberfest (sorta) While not exactly part of Halloween Time, guests can experience the popular beer-fest throughout Downtown Disney and a special menu at the UVA Bar.
  10. Dia De Los Muertos. One of my favorites every year is the display at Zocalo Park. You can catch Mariachi’s and even get your face painted for free!
  11. Halloween Time Merchandise! Guests visiting the Resort can buy their favorite costumes, shirts, and all things Halloween throughout the Resort. Severaly lacking in the HOCUS POCUS department, unfortunately.
  12. Mickey Jack-O-Lantern. This is a must photo opportunity for the season. The big pumpkin is always a must see during the season.
  13. Meeting Jack and Sally! One of our favorite things for Halloween is getting pictures with the characters in their Halloween outfits, and also scoring a picture with Jack and Sally near their attraction Haunted Mansion Holiday.


Mickey’s Halloween Party. If you were able to score a ticket for this year, you are in for a treat, with a special performance of Paint The Night, and of course Halloween Screams Fireworks show it promises an absolutely spooktacular time for all! The event is already completely sold out this year so be sure plan early for next year!