The Segerstrom Center for the Arts (SCFTA) recently held its annual preview of productions coming to the increasingly popular venue. The special evening included live performances from a selection of the offerings including The Lion King, Newsies, Cabaret, Cinderella, The Sound of Music, and The Illusionists.

It’s a going to be PACKED season of fantastic productions. Other shows already announced to be coming in the upcoming year include Wicked, The Book of Mormon, Riverdance, If/Then with Idina Menzel, plus concerts by Kristen Chenoweth and Lea Salonga. This and much much or is coming to Orange County, it’s going to be a very busy theater calendar!

Anne McNeff-Gaeta and Bob Bucci were our hosts for the evening teasing what’s to come in the upcoming season.

The Lion King

Oct. 6-Nov. 1


Aug. 9-21, 2016


May 17-29, 2016


April 19-May 1, 2016

The Sound of Music

July 19-31, 2016

The Illusionists

February 2 – 7, 2016

After the Preview

We had the chance to sit with Tshidi Manye, Adam Kaplan, and Jeff Hobson for a quick chat about their work and the upcoming season.

Tshidi Mayne from The Lion King talked about impact the show has had with people around the world and the show is personally connected to her and her family. As Rafiki, she is a shaiman in the show, much like her ancestors in South Africa who were shaimans. She says she sometimes plays music from home to get herself into the role right before she goes on. She says the heart of the story is what makes it so successful to this day. She was so excited when she was asked to be apart of the touring cast.

Adam Kaplan from Newsies talked about how he joined the Broadway cast of Newsies at the young age of 22 and it has been a whirlwind adventure for the past three years being apart of the cast. His favorite number in the show is King of New York the entire cast coming together on stage dancing their heart out. We asked Adam why he thought Newsies is now so popular compared to when the movie first premiered. Kaplan says, even though the story takes place in 1899, we are still fighting for the same causes, political, unions, fair wage, it is all about kids being empowered. He also says the “Fansies” are the best and bring so much energy to each performance.

Jeff Hobson from The Illusionists talked about how this will be a completely different show you have ever experienced on the stage. He is one of seven performers that take the stage. Even though they are all magicians, you won’t see the same trick or illusion performed, they all come from different places around the world, and bring different elements to the stage. Jeff, says the demand for magic has only increased since the age of the internet. People have moved past from traveling to Las Vegas to see magic, they are demanding it everywhere now. He says, “being the Trickster and the comedy-relief in this show, I can tell you that comedy is tough” especially when he has to go through a translator. He said he has to change his show depending on the city and the culture. He thinks that people that come see The Illusionists will be genuinely surprised how entertained they will be.

And we also got to pose for one super awesome photo-op with some Newsies!

Need tickets?

Clearly, there’s quite a bit going on at Segerstrom Center for the Arts in the upcoming months and if you’re thinking you’re interested in at least three or four of the upcoming productions then you might want to consider the option of Season Tickets.

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