ONCE UPON A TIME fans were treated to a more “intimate” panel yesterday when D23 EXPO hosted a panel with stars Ginnifer Goodwin and Lana Parilla. Show creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis were also on hand to talk about the upcoming season… or rather… famously NOT talk about the upcoming season.

D23’s resident Disney Geek Jeffrey Epstein moderated for a panel that felt really small and intimate yet was hosted in one of the event’s largest venues, Stage 23.

So now we’ll present our TOP 8 MOMENTS from last nights panel!

  1. Ginnifer Goodwin and Lana Parilla talked about their BFF status on the show and how great it’s been to get the character of Regina to this place where she was always meant to be. Both agreed that truthfully Regina has ALWAYS been capable of killing Snow White if she absolutely really wanted to but there’s that bond between them.
  2. Love is a weapon. That’s the theme for next season.
  3. Josh Dallas (Prince Charming) made a surprise appearance pretending to be a fan with a Jango Fett helmet.
  4. Fertile families! Ginnifer and her husband Josh have been enjoying their new roles as parents since the birth of their son Oliver. Ginnifer commented that it seemed like a lot of people on the cast and crew were having babies.
  5. Evil Queen is a Wicked Step Mother? Lana mused that she’s a step mother now but not quite so much of an evil.
  6. Dark Swan is no Rumple. Emma may be the Dark One but that power manifests itself differently with every person. What is common thread though is that it gives the person an inaccurate sense of a lack of fear which is what leads to their undoings.
  7. Ginnifer Goodwin is a D23 Charter Member and every bit a fan worth her salt!
  8. Merlin’s beard! A main directive for the core characters this upcoming season is a quest for Merlin in Camelot.



But wait there’s more!

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