The fabulous song-writing duo of Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Bobby Lopez were the key feature this weekend at the D23 EXPO for the FROZEN FANDEMONIUM MUSICAL CELEBRATION but they weren’t the only ones involved in the film to take to the Hall D23 Stage. Kristen Bell and Josh Gad also made surprise appearances to perform their songs from the film. Walt Disney Music President Chris Montan moderated.

Although there is certainly a sense of “Frozen Fatigue” amongst the Disney fan community, the film is still a hot property and the event was an honest joy and treat. The Lopez’ are clearly passionate about their work and what’s more refreshing is that they aren’t the types to “go safe” just because they’re working on a Disney project. To that end, there were quite a few memorable moments from the panel that must be shared!

Favorite Frozen FANdemonium Moments

  1. Multiple ages of Anna! Kristen Bell along with younger voices of Anna performed “Do You Want To Build a Snowman”
  2. Josh Gad surprise appearance to sing “IN SUMMER” was made even better with Olaf joining him on stage. Josh Gad joked about the cheesiness, loving every second of it.
  3. Bobby has his own impersonation of Gad that Kristen pushed him to do mimicking the overly done finale to “IN SUMMER.” Gad was not impressed.
  4. Trolling Broadway! The singing voices of the trolls were literally Broadway caliber as the male trolls were voiced by male singers from THE BOOK OF MORMON while the female trolls were voiced by female singers from KINKY BOOTS!
  5. What an LSD Trip! The tone and look of the trolls changed drastically several time throughout the making of the film and one particular song that was written for the trolls was a bit more “out there.” Kristen mused that the song would probably be part of someone’s LSD trip later.
  6. We finish each other’s sandwiches! That funny line from “Love is an Open Door” was written while the song-writers were actually eating sandwiches.

But wait there’s more!

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