In conjunction with POW Entertainment, Stan Lee was the highlight of his own panel where he talked about his upcoming projects and took the time to really just connect with fans and answer their questions. Despite being 92 years young, the Marvel wonder is still going strong.

In the works currently, he’s happy to announce the new Chakra The Invincible which he is working on with Sanjay Patel and features his first Indian superhero. He also has The Zodiac Legacy with Start Moore and Angie Tong. He was also promoting the Amazing, Fantastic, Incredible Stan Lee.

Bringing his trademark sense of humor, he also offered those in attendance his usual no holds barred opinions balanced with thoughtful advice. He was joined by fellow POW Entertainment big-wig Gil Gampion the two acted as a sort of Odd Couple riffing off each other in a delightfully grumpy manner that almost felt scripted.

As Lee humored about himself, he’s just so lovable!   The conversation was moderated by Jimmy Palmiotti.