One of my favorite panels each year is the cast of PHINEAS AND FERB. This year was a not miss since the show ended about two weeks ago. The room was packed with fans to say one last goodbye to these characters we have come to love.

The panel was filled with laughter as the cast and creators shared stories from the show and what’s coming up for the future. Below are some highlights from the Comic-Con panel!

  • New show coming called MIKEY’S MURPHEY LAW is new show by Dan and Swampy coming to Disney XD 2017. Based on the great-great-great-great grandson of Murphy
  • A one hour special based on Perry or Agent P and his other animal agents will premiere this Fall called The O.W.C.A. Files. Hopefully will be picked up as a series.
  • No plans right now for a feature length movie, but there is a script.  
  • Alyson Stoner who plays Isabella loved how the show ended, and of course said her catch phrase “Whatcha doin’?”
  • Dan Povenmire was asked if we could assume Vanessa and Ferb ended up with eachother and he agreed. 
  • He also said, Candace and Jeremy were the perfect fit, since he was the only person that could handle her.
  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s name was originally Dr. Meddleshmirtz. Both also have the exact same number of letters, 13 and he is voiced by creator Swampy Marsh.
  • Each episode contains one original song, and all the songs in the finale episode were written by Swampy.
  • Both Dan and Swampy said their bucket list items was the Star Wars episode.
  • Dan and Alyson both got very emotional towards the end of the panel, both ending up in tears, the panel ended with a standing ovation for the cast and creators.