For the second year in a row, Her Universe has set Comic-Con a blaze with geeky couture. The Her Universe Fashion Show has proven so popular that founder Ashley Eckstein announced tonight that the show will actually be spawning an original new show on a new on-demand television channel later this year.

The show tonight featured once again original designs by a new group of amateur designers vying for the coveted prize of designing a new line of fashions for Hot Topic. Geeky-infused couture designs included fandoms such as My Little Pony, Game of Thrones, and Nightmare Before Christmas.

There were quite a few stunners that wowed the crowds including Oseas Villatoro’s Poison Ivy, Jennifer Newman’s Unicorn in the Waves, and Jess Thaxton’s Alien Queen.


Judges on the panel this year included last year’s winners Andrew MacLaine and _ as well as cosplayer Traci Hines.

Hot Topic

Hot Topic exclusive looks created by Her Universe were on display. The clothing items sold out in record time, in fact it was one of Hot Topic’s best selling lines ever. Eckstein confirmed that the styles WOULD be coming back once again.