The surprisingly awesome WRECK IT RALPH is gearing up for a sequel and actor John C. Reilly is reportedly on board to reprise his role as the brutish-but-sweet titular character. The news apparently came thanks to an apparent accidental leak by Reilly himself who confirmed on a UK radio show that he’s signed on for the follow-up to the video-game world of the first film.

No other details have been released as yet but the film’s creators have said in the past that there’s still plenty of ideas that didn’t make it into the film. Not to mention there’s a certain plumber that filmmakers were never able to implement into the film.

Concepts previously discussed for potential sequels included internet-network based games like those of XBOX LIVE. Creators had talked about developing “Extreme Easy Living 2” as another game in this world that was similar to something like THE SIMS; it was ultimately cut since it didn’t fit the storyline of being an arcade game. Although not necessarily likely, the recent popularity of Disney Interactive’s DISNEY INFINITY may also spawn potential for new story ideas.