Today, we continue our series of insider looks at Disney-Pixar’s INSIDE OUT with some insights from Lewis Black who plays Anger in the film! We’ll be exploring the film with a new article each day leading up to its theatrical release.

As part of the series, we’re sharing an inside look with several key people involved in the film including director Pete Docter and producer Jonas Rivera as well as the film’s other key voice actors: Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Phyllis Smith, and Mindy Kaling.

INSIDE OUT opens minds in theatres June 19, 2015.

Lewis Black – “Anger”

The use of the F-word does not represent the views of Disney and Pixar.”

—Lewis Black

There’s no funnier actor who could have portrayed the emotion of ANGER better than Lewis Black. The typical no-holds barred personality that we’re used to from the 66-year-old comedian was mostly in unfiltered full-effect during the press conference. After letting a curse word slip, he gave the apt disclaimer: “The use of the F-word does not represent the views of Disney and Pixar.”

Commenting on how ANGER has always been a part of his life, Black shared that was always how his family communicated and didn’t help that his mother didn’t know how to cook. When asked what other character he’d want to voice in the film, he said that Disgust was a natural extension of his own personality.

The islands of personality are a key element inside the film, they are the unique foundations from which a full personality is built. Which ones dominate the inside of his head? BBQ Island (with variations of all kinds of pork) and Tahiti Island!


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