Disneyland Resort started the kick off tonight for its #Disneyland60 celebration by previewing the brand new WORLD OF COLOR “CELEBRATE! THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF WALT DISNEY” show at Disney California Adventure. Open to invited media and invited guests and fans, the preview included a full look at the glitzy new show which pays homage to the past 60 years of Disneyland’s historic presence.

Neil Patrick Harris and Mickey Mouse were there in the flesh to help kick off the first ever public showing of the updated experience.

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Playing off the familiar WORLD OF COLOR theme, the show takes a completely new approach following along in Mickey Mouse’s history and that of the Disneyland Resort.

Spectacular new effects that wowed the crowds included an impressive Star Wars sequence, bigger fire effects, and new smoke machines.

Neil Patrick Harris features quite heavily in the show.

The show plays lots of little tributes to Walt.

Mickey is cohost to NPH. There’s an entire sequence dedicated to him in the show, it’s the “It Was All Started By A Mouse” segment.

“The Golden Age of Animation” sequence features tons of classic Disney animated features and yes Frozen gets its own featured segment.

Smoke machines are periodically used in the show with fun alarming effect.

“The Dream of Disneyland” features little nods to several attractions including Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion and more.

Fire effects were updated for the show with massive fireballs getting blown up into the sky.

The finale expresses the wish that everyone stay “Forever Young” and hold on to their dreams.

A massive smoke ring from one of the fireballs. No this is not Alice’s caterpillar hookah smoke.

After the show has ended Walt comes back briefly to tell everyone that it’s time to go home.

And now some more shots from AFTER the show. Just ’cause…

Don’t forget! If you sit in the first few rows for World of Color. You WILL get wet.


The Disneyland Diamond Celebration officially begins May 22, 2015. Follow the #Disneyland60 conversation on social media by following us @MouseInfo on Facebook and Twitter!


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