One of the most popular panels of Star Wars Celebration on Saturday was that for Mark Hamill. Luke Skywalker himself took to the Arena Stage in Anaheim to join host James Arnold Taylor for a fun chat about the legacy of the trilogy and his work as a voice actor the majority of his career.

Hamill has a captivating charisma about him that leaves you hanging to his every word as he tells the random assortment of stories.

Highlights included…

  • The awe, joy, and pleasure of working with Alec Guinness on A New Hope.
  • Trying to keep a straight face while filming Yoda scenes as his earpiece would inadvertently play local radio stations.
  • Commenting on finding out about the new set of trilogies from George Lucas he said that Carrie Fisher basically screamed I’M IN! before he really even had a chance to process the notion.
  • On his honeymoon, a man wearing a Darth Vader mask drove up onto the beach where he was staying
  • As a fan of animation, he gave us son the middle name of Elias in homage to Walter Elias Disney.
  • His joy and surprise in winning a BAFTA for his achievements, especially in voice work
  • Saying that winning an Emmy over Dick Van Dyke seems strangely un-American.

The chat came to a seemingly quick end despite running exactly as long as promised and even Hamill himself seemed to want to keep the momentum going and keep sharing with the attentive full-house audience.