Faith trust and a little bit of pixie dust scored us an entrance to the BE OUR GUEST restaurant a few weeks ago. It is one of the most popular restaurants at the Magic Kingdom so we were pretty stoked to get in.

Advanced booking reservations are a blessing for the uber planners who like plan every minute in advance. For those who like to wing it, however, the advanced reservation is a curse as it’s not quite so easy a feat to enjoy some of the more popular dining options at Walt Disney World without knowing and planning for it months in advance.

After missing our window to book a reservation at BE OUR GUEST, we lucked out when we got an email a week before our trip offering us the ability to book a lunch reservation with our FastPass+. We jumped on the chance and scored a 1:30pm rezzie.


After checking in at the beginning of the large bridge that transports us to the main entrance of the restaurant, we waited in line to enter. Making our way in we find walk through a corridor of enchanted (snoozy) suits of armour.

There’s several ordering kiosks available where we were able to order our meals. With a swipe of our Magic Band (which was linked to our room reservation) our food was ordered and we were asked to seat ourselves in one of the restaurant’s three dining rooms.


As to be expected, the 550-seat restaurant is quite gorgeous. The first room you enter into is the incredible grand ballroom. The fully recreated dining room features the iconic chandeliers, painted cherubs, and floor to ceiling windows. This is the largest room. To the left and to the right are smaller rooms.

To the left of the Ballroom is the West Wing dining room which is dark, brooding, and mysterious. Draperies are torn to shreds and the iconic portrait of the Beast hangs over the fireplace. The enchanted rose and mirror sit in a small parapet. When a petal from the rose drops, a quick thunder storm ensues. The lightning flash on the portrait quickly transforms the painting of the prince into the beast. This was by far our favorite room. We got a seat right by the fireplace.

The other dining room, the Rose Gallery, features several paintings of the film’s characters. The centerpiece of the room is a seven-foot-tall music box with a spinning Belle and Beast figure that swirls as it plays music. The magical music box is said to have been carved by Maurice, Belle’s father, to celebrate the couple’s love.


Even though it’s quick service for lunch, the story goes that Mrs. Potts has insisted on dining in a manner befitting royalty with real china and flatware. What’s more, the food you ordered magically comes to your table on a fancy rolling cart. How do they know? How do they know?! It’s as if we’re wearing a band with a trackable technology in it!

Carved Prime Chuck Roast Beef Sandwich, $12.49 – Served warm on a Baguette with Horseradish Sour Cream and Pommes Frites.

Croque Monsieur, $11.49 – Grilled Sandwich of Carved Ham and Gruyere Cheese and Bechamel with Pommes Frites.

Tuna Niçoise Salad, $13.99 – Warm Seared Tuna Steak, chilled Green Beans, Potatoes, Olives, Roasted Bell Peppers, Tomatoes and a Hard Poached Egg.

French Onion Soup, $5.49 – Vegetarian Option. French Onion Soup.

The Master’s Cupcake, $4.19 – Chocolate Sponge Cake topped with Lumiere’s special “Grey Stuff”