Welcome back, travelEARS! Today we are going on a jungle adventure, so come along and enjoy Sandat Glamping.

If you thought we were going to be roughing it amongst the likes of Tarzan or the Lost Camp on Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise, think agian! This hotel super posh locale is the ultimate way to enjoy the great outdoors… with wifi and a mattress! But there’s so much more to enjoy in this location.

About This Hotel

Location: Ubud, Indonesia
Typical Cost: $100 to $250/ night
Website: http://www.glampingsandat.com/

Recently, the term “glamping” has been coined. It is shorthand for “glamorous camping”. And camping at a place like Sandat is definitely glamorous!

This hotel features luxurious accommodations in the rice paddies of Bali. Guests can choose from residing in traditional Balinese Lumbung villas or luxurious glamping tents. There are five luxury tents and three Lumbung villas, each accommodating up to five guests.

The hotel features a tranquil private pool, delicious meals, and lots of activities to do. Feel free to explore the surroundings and discover all Bali has to offer. And after a long day of fun, come back to your luxurious tent as you fall asleep to the tranquility of the jungle.

See you next time as we continue to take you, the TravelEAR, Abroad.

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