Starting today and lasting through October 31, Disneyland Paris is celebrating the fall with Disney’s Halloween Festival. New this year is a completely original cavalcade, orchestrated by Mickey and his friends, featuring the special appearance of Huey, Dewey, Louie, Scrooge and Clarabelle. A whole host of entertainment and offerings are in store.

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An autumn month of spooky fun with Disney’s Halloween Festival 2013

Mickey and all his friends are preparing an enormous Halloween party from 5 October 2013, for an entire month of spooky fun. The finest ingredients are combined to create a memorable autumn season. As the leaves turn red and golden, pumpkins invade the streets and ghosts haunt Main Street, U.S.A.®, Mickey and his friends spend this unique month welcoming guests in a delightfully quirky atmosphere. They invite them to celebrate the harvest with a brand new cavalcade, featuring the special appearance of Scrooge and his great-nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie! But that’s not all, because Minnie unveils her Halloween-themed Costume Couture, Goofy sets up his incredible bonbon machine to tantalize everybody’s taste buds… Come on down to the Disney’s Halloween Festival!

NEW: Mickey’s Halloween Celebration

A completely original cavalcade, orchestrated by Mickey and his friends, featuring the special appearance of Huey, Dewey, Louie, Scrooge and Clarabelle.

Mickey’s Halloween Celebration

Autumn is turning, the air is crisp and cool, the leaves on the trees are turning red and golden! Everything is set for the harvest festival! Come and see Mickey and Minnie celebrating the harvest, transforming pumpkins into Halloween lanterns, and all with added fun!

To celebrate Halloween throughout the month of October, and to offer Guests a unique party, Mickey and his friends have decided to create a cavalcade specially dedicated to the harvest festival, and have naturally been inspired by the autumn and harvest theme.

Several times a day, guests can meet a very special guest: the lovely Clarabelle, who has a host of surprises in store for us and has brought along other Disney stars, including the surprising Scrooge and his equally mischievous great-nephews: Huey, Dewey and Louie.

Everyone has seized the opportunity to show off their most stunning seasonal costumes. Donald and Daisy explore the wonders of autumn in a world made of straw and pumpkins, accompanied by their inseparable nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie. Meanwhile, Uncle Scrooge brings up the rear, determined to keep careful watch over a strange pumpkin that appears to be worth its weight in gold…

Mickey and Minnie pay homage to the harvest season from their huge horn of plenty, filled with autumn leaves, fruits and pumpkins. Behind them, Chip and Dale, accompanied by the charming Clarice, have taken advantage of the harvest to steal and hoard as many hazelnuts as they can lay their hands on!

Mickey’s Halloween Celebration parades three times a day along the Parade Route at Disneyland Park.

Ghosts invade Disneyland Park

They thought they could keep a low profile throughout Halloween month, but guests will only be able to unmask them and immortalize them in a photo!

From 5 October, the ghosts of the former residents of Main Street, U.S.A.® use Halloween as the perfect opportunity to make their grand exit. In a joyful and relaxed atmosphere, they take over Main Street, U.S.A.® by trying to blend into the scenery. The Park’s apprentice ghost hunters are invited to unmask them, armed with their cameras.

At City Hall, we find the Mayor’s ghost ready to make his speech. A stone’s throw from the dentist’s surgery, one poor soul is wandering around with toothache. Sport is on the agenda with a badminton player whose shuttlecock has also been transformed… into a ghost. A street musician unveils his barrel organ while an artist uses his paintbrush to capture the beauty of time frozen on Main Street, U.S.A.® A strangely ghoulish atmosphere reminiscent of the early 1900s.

Once past the doors of Disneyland Park, these weird and wonderful ghosts eagerly await the guests, to plunge them into an extravagant atmosphere that only Disneyland Paris knows how to create.

Hilarious encounters with Disney Stars

The Disney characters get dressed up to the nines to welcome guests in a vibrant and colourful Halloween atmosphere. Joy-filled photo souvenirs guaranteed!

NEW: Halloween style with Minnie’s Costume Couture
After causing a stir with her Lanvin dress, Minnie pursues her creative dreams and uses the Halloween season to invite guests to discover her amazing Costume Couture, specially created for the occasion. An extravagant, colourful world where everyone is encouraged to let their imagination run wild with the very latest designs to seduce the most fashion-conscious amongst us!
Minnie, in her fabulous Halloween-inspired dress, will no doubt jump at the opportunity to pose with her admirers…
Venue: Casey’s Corner, Disneyland Park. Photo location with or without character.

Bonbons galore with Goofy Bonbons
Goofy knows all too well that Halloween would not have the same flavour without a shower of bonbons and spells! He himself designed and created a completely fanciful bonbon machine to dazzle those with a sweet tooth, young and old! A bewitching smoke rises from it and spreads across Town Square throughout Halloween month… Goofy fans will not miss the opportunity to stop in front of this astonishing machine.
Goofy might even join them to make sure everything is in good working order. A moment to treasure and a chance for everyone to persuade him to share his confectionery secrets!
Venue: Town Square, Disneyland Park

Spookily Burtonesque… Jack and Sally’s Cemetery (from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas)
The famous couple from Nightmare Before Christmas asks Disneyland Paris guests to come and meet them, but the encounter promises to be mortally enchanting! The set recreates the universe of the film, Night Before Christmas, and Jack and Sally in person welcome those who are courageous enough to enter their cemetery. A faithful reproduction of Tim Burton’s universe, Jack and Sally’s Cemetery is a unique place, specially created for Disney’s Halloween Festival.
Venue: Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing, near Phantom Manor – Disneyland Park

The Disney Villains are running riot this month!
Who has never feared coming face to face with a Disney Villain? Who has never dreamt of standing up to one of them?
The Disney Villains are back! They use Disney’s Halloween Festival to try to take over the place and mesmerise guests with nothing but their gaze! They invite us to join them every day in their courtyard for a Disney Villains Mix and Mingle, and promise encounters to die (laughing) for.
Venue: Castle Courtyard, Fantasyland – Disneyland Park

A captivating evening show

The Disney Villains haunt the Disney Dreams®! show after nightfall…

With Disney Dreams®!, guests find themselves at the heart of the action thanks to its totally unique effects centered around Sleeping Beauty Castle. This night-time show is the only one of its kind in the world, combining the latest technology with the most spectacular special effects. Above all, it tells a magical and moving story in which the Disney Villains have an important role. One of the most impressive (and frightening!) scenes of the show portrays them in a spellbinding light. The roguish Dr Facilier, the wicked Ursula and the devious Captain Hook hatch ingenious plans to surprise the audience. Performed every evening in Disneyland Park, Disney Dreams®! is THE show not to be missed.
Venue: in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle – Disneyland Park

Disney’s Halloween Party: The grand finale on 31 October!

Guaranteed screams, even for the bravest guests. The most magical Halloween night takes place at Disneyland Paris!

The now famous Disney’s Halloween Party* is held on 31 October 2013 in Disneyland Park. A unique experience to enjoy with family or friends from 8.30 pm to 1 am.

Disneyland Park reopens its doors after dark and guests discover it as they have never seen it before, in a more mysterious atmosphere than ever, with unexpected animations, terrifyingly delicious surprises and a “hellish” atmosphere. The moon has brought out the ghosts, Disney Villains and other creatures, who are all ready to take their turn around the five magical lands. After enjoying the many attractions Disneyland Park has to offer, guests are plunged into the magical extravaganza of the Disney Dreams®! night-time show!

* Paid event: €37 per person, free for children under 3. Entry to Disneyland Park after 5 pm for holders of a valid evening ticket. Information on

For entry to the party, a wristband is issued upon presentation of the valid evening ticket, from 5 pm at the Park entrance. The party may be changed, postponed or cancelled without notice, particularly in the event of bad weather. Parking not included in the price of the entry ticket.

Disney’s Halloween Festival 2013 is the unmissable event of the autumn. Guests are plunged into a wonderfully extravagant atmosphere that only Disneyland Paris knows how to create. On the programme: a strange and delicious blend of farces, ghosts, pumpkins, Disney Villains and magic concocted by Mickey and his friends! A monstrous pleasure to sink your teeth into from 5 to 31 October 2013.