Welcome back, travelEARS! Today we are back and taking all you princes and princesses out there on a journey to this really cool hotel. Welcome to Chateau Peyruzel.

Today we are taking you into a world of fantasy. At this hotel, you are free to live like Cinderella or Princess Aurora in actual medieval castle!

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About This Hotel

Location: Domme, France
Typical Cost: $250 -$400 / night
Website: http://www.chateaupeyruzel.com

Chateau Peyruzel is situated upon a hill overlooking the Dordogne River. Its location provides breathtaking views of the area surrounding the river. The castle once was used to hide princes and armies, but today it welcomes guests who are ready to live like real princes and princesses.

Constructed in 1281 from the bedrock of the hill it sits upon, Chateau Peyruzel was actively used during the Hundred Years War as well as the French Revolution. Though it has weathered battles in the past, it has survived for over 850 years with only a few cannon balls holes in the wall.

The hotel mixes luxurious living quarters of the past with modern amenities. There are various different suites that you can stay in, all of which are very large and comfortable. But don’t get too comfortable, because there are many rooms into explore in the castle and lots of things to see around its grounds!

As you ascend the Grand Staircase, you will definitely feel like royalty! See you next week as we continue to take you, the TravelEAR, Abroad.

Presented by Castles & Dreams Travel.

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