Welcome back, travelEARS! Today we are burrowing into the cliffs of Arkansas to explore the Beckham Creek Cave Haven.

Although it is nowhere near Route 66, travelEARS may want to stay at this real life version of the Wheel Well Motel from the movie Cars.

About This Hotel

Location: Eureka Springs, Arkansas, USA
Typical Cost: $400 to $550 / night
Website: http://www.beckhamcavelodge.com/

The Beckham Creek Cave Haven is a completely secluded hotel built into the Ozark Mountain. This lodge combines the thrill of living in a cave with the luxury of the nicest hotels. And with underground Jacuzzis for relaxing, this is a perfect place to stay.

The main lobby area is a wonderful area that comes complete with a natural, amazing rock waterfall centerpiece that soothes your stress away. There are sitting rooms to relax in as well as a kitchen to cook in. And directly above the kitchen is a game room that comes which is a perfect place to relax and have some fun. There are five full bedrooms in this lodge. Each room has natural cave walls and are completely furnished. There is even a Honeymoon Suite that comes complete with a private den.

Because you are in constant contact with nature, this lodge is also a great place to go for nature hikes and explore. So next time you are driving through Arkansas, pull over and stop at this hotel for an awesome stay!

See you next week as we continue to take you, the TravelEAR, Abroad.

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