SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS is the one that started it all so it’s fitting that just ahead of the October 16th 100th anniversary of the Walt Disney Company, that the film is available in the highest resolution yet with a beautiful new restoration in this Disney100 Ultimate Collector’s Edition.


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This release marks the first time that the classic film has been made available in 4K UHD and the final product is absolutely gorgeous. The beautiful water colors are rich and vibrant while still looking like you could run your fingers across them and feel the texture of the paper. The film has been released in fairly high resolution before so this isn’t quite as stunning as the jump from VHS to DVD or DVD to Blu-ray but the efforts are fully on display most noticeably in the color grading which almost seems like a better picture than was probably seen in 1939 at the Carthay Circle Theater.

Similar to the recent restoration and 4K UHD release of CINDERELLA, the back of the box for the Snow White 4K release promises not just 4K resolution but also wider color spectrum and high dynamic range. While for Cinderella we found enabling HDR on our TV was a really great way to appreciate the details even more, for the Snow White release something seemed off with some frames coming across almost like double exposures with a slight blur. It was bad enough that we had to turn off the HDR and enjoy the film the same way we always have before — just now in 4K.

There’s no new bonus features included on this roundup, the point here is the restoration of the film. The 4K disc is devoid of any content but it does have a beautiful DVD menu screen featuring a paint brush bringing the film to life. For the bonus materials, you’ll need to hop to the DVD where you’ll find nothing new but still a good round up of what’s been released before including: the Disney’s First Feature half hour retrospective, Iconography featurette on the pop culture impact of the film, plus other featurettes including Designing Disney’s First Princess, The Fairest Facts of Them All, Alternate Sequences, and a ton of other really wonderful archival material and featurettes.

We do want to once again give a special call out to the “In Walt’s Words” immersive viewing experience of the film that brings actual transcripts, audio recordings, photos, renderings, concept art, and more to craft a narrative of Walt and his talented assembled crew creating everything we’ll come to see on the screen.

See it for Yourself

SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS Disney100 edition 4K Ultra HD is available now in a special collectible O-sleeve. There are also retail exclusives including Best Buy with a special Steelbook and Walmart with its Disney100 edition slipcovers plus a collectible pin.