At Midsummer Scream 2023, The Boo Crew Podcast gathered to discuss the all things Haunted Mansion. Moderators Lauren and Trevor Shand, and Leone D’Antonio talked about the legacy of the attraction and welcomed special guests Producer Jonathan Eirich and Editor Phillip Bartell who worked on the new film.

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20230730_133049Highlights of the conversation included:

  • The discussion of finding Justin Simien as director new film seemed like kismet due to the filmmakers connection to Louisiana and his love of the ride having been a Cast Member, himself.
  • Jared Leto poured his heart into the project and was very hands on in crafting the character and voice for the Hatbox Ghost
  • Tiffany’s Doom Buggy chair scene was three sepeate shots starting from an interior Seance Room set to the separate exterior set of the front door, to an actual on location set in New Orleans
  • It was important for filmmakers to have a tangibility to the Mansion and to be able to see and feel like the various rooms are connected and real so practical sets were a priority
  • Director Justin Simien insisited that whenever possible, ghosts be tangible and having actors on set, not just CG ghosts filled in later
  • All of Danny Devito’s dialogue in the artist rendering sketch scene were all improvised
  • Jaime Lee Curtis mused after wrapping, “Call me when you need more” knowing that reshoots water an inevitable part of the process.



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MIDSUMMER SCREAM 2023 took place at the Long Beach Convention Center from July 28-30, 2023.

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