Disney has some of the most passionate fans and every year at the D23 Expo there is always a Charter Member Lounge that is accessible only to a supreme and select number of special fans that have been members of the Disney twenty-three Fan Club since its inception in 2009! For the 2022 D23 Expo, we’re taking you for a look inside!

Disney Parks

D23 Expo Cosplay D23 Expo Show Floor 20220910_183443

This dress made of merchandise bags took her 6 hours to make!

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Redd classic.

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This costume is delectable. These types of cosplays are good for everyone, they make your Expos a lot of fun!

165181_KN2_7200 165186_MV1_4827

These looks are winning the day, in fact the Dumbo cosplay actually got top marks at Mousequerade this year!

Untitled photo Untitled photo

Haunted manors!

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Mickey and the Magical Map!

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How about a map to your house, Drew Carey?

Heroes and Heroines

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Frozen remains ever popular but we also saw plenty of other fan favorites including Mirabel, Aladdin and Jasmine, Belle… even Esmeralada and Gisslle!

165179_EM1_8736 165182_KN2_8643 Untitled photo 165181_MV1_2990

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Cassandra and Rapunzel!

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Those floating lanterns gleam!

Untitled photo Untitled photo

Something new, something blue!

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Group cosplays for the win!

Untitled photo Untitled photo

Keep singing!

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Family of Beauties (and a Beast)

165181_KN2_4997 165182_VD3_9077

Pinocchio and Charlotte


Hercules and Baby Herc

Animated Classics


Sometimes the cuts are so insanely deep and specific. Love this!!

Untitled photo Untitled photo

Modern animated classics like Onward and Zootopia!

165181_DP_0044 165181_MB9_3900

These magical friends! Merlin and Fairy Godmother

165186_MV1_4930 165181_KN2_4133

Darkwing and Maui!

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This Sally is perfection!

Untitled photo Untitled photo

La Luna and Te Fiti


These costumes are giving me a sugar rush!

Deliciously Villainous

Untitled photo

Unsurprisingly, there was A LOT of fabulosity in the form of various takes on Cruella DeVil!

Untitled photo Untitled photo



Pinocchio is now streaming on Disney+


Impressive wingspan!

165181_KN2_5762 165182_MB6_2243

Absolutely villainous!


Deliciously wicked gingers.

Untitled photo Untitled photo

Ursula and a little bit of Hocus Pocus!

Star Wars


Untitled photo Untitled photo

Ahsoka Tano and Anakin!

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This is a single person doing cosplay, too funny!!


:Look at these Rebels!


Untitled photo

Kamala Khan!

165181_KN2_5709 165181_KN2_6182

Scarlet Witch and Black Panther


Namor making an early debut ahead of BLACK PANTHER 2.

Untitled photo Untitled photo

Moon Knight and Thanos!

Untitled photo

Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange.


We love a good mashup, whether it’s a successful gender bend, a creative re-interpretation, or a creative combination of more than one fandom!

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Untitled photo

Spider-Wendy and Peter Parker Pan!

Untitled photo

We want the company impressed!

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Untitled photo

Princess cheerleaders!

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This Dory inspired ballgown has a little Nemo hidden on the back!

But Wait, There’s More!

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