Tarzan’s Treehouse at Disneyland has been behind refurb walls, tarps, and scaffolding since last year and now it appears that the classic attraction is actually going to be making way for a brand new theme.

20220409_111609According to the OCR, the current entrance to the treehouse will be demolished beginning today, April 18 as work begins in earnest for a new theme. While an official announcement has not yet been made, fans are already looking to Disney’s latest animated feature ENCANTO.

The Oscar-winning animated film features a memorable scene in which the character Antonia is gifted with a treehouse room that is inhabited by exotic flora and fauna of Colombia which would certainly fit in-theme of Adventureland.

See it for Yourself

Tarzan’s Treehouse is already closed. An official announcement has not yet been made and we expect might not happen until the D23 Expo later this year.