The days of pay-per-view are a thing of the past. Well, they will be if VENUE has anything to say about it. In their new world order, it will be a Pay-Per-Viewer model for streaming access to ticked content (like sporting events or concerts).

Aimed at disrupting “the $80B+ ticketed entertainment industry,” VENUE enables the ability to monitor a living room for people and sell individual On-Demand tickets to view at home first-run cinematic releases, sporting events, concerts and more.

The VENUE device is built to sit on top of your existing television and includes detection sensor that counts the number of audience members present in the room, thereby giving content creators the ability to sell tickets on a pay-per-viewer basis. The sensor monitors the room throughout content stream and ensures the ticket-to-audience ratio is equal, giving content creators the ability to charge each viewer just like a movie theater, concert, or sporting venue. The hardware and software platform can also stream seminars, competitions, lectures and much more from anywhere in the world.

The first-of-its-kind streaming platform is still in its early stages looking for investors with their WeFunder campaign but has already snagged executives from Warner Bros, Sony, Paramount, VIZIO, CBS, & Universal to help develop and launch VENUE. With the veteran entertainment and tech industry leadership team in place, this patented advancement in reaching consumers aims to be major boom to the movie studio, concert, and live event marketplaces who it affirms that will benefit from the at-home ticketing technology. In development for years before the COVID-19 pandemic, the company touts that has never been more imperative to bring the world’s most innovative technology directly into your home.

Without knowing any details so far, the platform promises “the highest level of protection and privacy for members” but what exactly this means is yet to be seen with a seemingly invasive new level of technology sitting in your living room. Can this be the next big thing? Should it be? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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Is the On-Demand streaming future going to be Pay-Per-VIEWER The folks at VENUE sure hope so