As previously announced, Park Hopping is coming back to Walt Disney World this Friday and in preparation Walt Disney World’s ambassadors have shared a new video about return of the service in its newly modified form.

You can watch the video or see additional details below on the new procedure and policies for park hopping.

How to Park Hop

20_SM_ParkHopper_Announcement_v3_buIf you have admission media that allows park hopping then here’s what you’ll need to do…

  1. Make a Disney Park Pass reservation for the FIRST park you plan to visit.
  2. Your first park entry for the day must be the park from your Disney Park Pass reservation.
  3. A park reservation is not required after the first park. Of course, all policies are subject to change.

Please note that the ability to visit another park will be subject to the park’s capacity limitations.

New Park Hopping Hours

Park Hopping can now only happen during designated Park Hopper hours which will typically start at 2 p.m. each day and end at the park’s scheduled close time.

You’ll want to keep on top of any updates to and/or in My Disney Experience app to get the most up-to-date Park Hopper hours information — they could start earlier or later, depending on the day and park.

See it for Yourself

Park Hopping at Walt Disney World returns on January 1, 2021.

It’s important to note that Walt Disney World’s overall 35% capacity limit in its parks are NOT changing due to the return of Park Hopper option. So availability for hopping is still bound by each respective park’s capacity limitations.