It was a beautiful sunny weekend at the Disneyland Resort and although several construction and refurbishment projects are underway, it didn’t stop it from being a delightful day!

The back-end of Disneyland continues to be flattened out in anticipation of the new Star Wars themed land coming to the park. Meanwhile, the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival continues on, Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps continue greeting guests as do Spider-Man and Captain America.

Star Wars Land

Take a look at all the pre-prep work going on to bring a Galaxy Far, Far Away to Anaheim!

A few trees cut down to make way for the additions. Disney typically does relocate trees whenever possible and replant them. Not always the case though!

DCA Food & Wine Festival

The 2016 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival continues on. Check out our guide to the event.

Around the Parks

The Jasmine is blooming at Mickey and Friends making the entire structure smell remarkably beautiful with the breezes flowing through.

Cars! Cuz… why not?

Don’t need but so want!

The new DVC alcove behind the Blue Sky Cellar has been unveiled. Tasteful and unobtrusive.

The Jungle Book is finally here! Check out our review of the surprisingly good live-action reboot!

Nick and Judy greeting guests at the Hyperion.

Someone looks excited the Spidey and Cap are at Disney California Adventure! The official Disneyland Today twitter account even re-posted our photo!

Spider-Man and Captain America share a single queue for this meet and greet. One line, two characters!

The new FROZEN show is set to debut next month at the Hyperion Theater. Check out the latest details on the new show here.

In anticipation of the new FROZEN show, Disney just closed the For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration show. It had its final performance on Saturday night.

Mama mia! The Rollickin’ Roadsters are still dancing it up! Do you have a favorite car?

Hey DJ!

No more Buena Vista Bugles. All sold out!

Merch Run!

New Haunted Mansion tsum tsums. Gotta catch ’em all! Such cute little pocket monsters.

I saw a car at Mickey and Friends… the license plate said MAGIC, it needed dice in the mirror!

Droid your dome.

Star Wars!!!



Shellie Mae!!!

Oh. A… monorail.

From… Walt Disney World… in Florida.

And a tram… From Walt Disney World. At least there’s a Disneyland version… with a Spaceship Earth on the packaging… ok!

Book release and signing for Ridley Pearson‘s new book.

So sparkly!

Twenty-Eight and Main‘s logomark… A lion from Walt Disney’s family crest reaching for the stars.

Lots of must-haves from the Twenty-Eight and Main line.

60th Decades Collection.