Hollywood films are a constant source of news; whether it’s pouring over leaked production photos, rumors of drama on set, or news about casting, there’s always something to talk about when it comes to live action features.

Today, we’re taking a look at some Disney fan-favorite movies and re-imagining the movie posters to showcase other actors who were seriously considered for the parts. In some cases it’s hard to imagine anyone else in the role and in others it begs the question of how different the movie would have been. For better or worse, it would have definitely been a different movie.

So join us now as we take a “WHAT IF” look at actors considered for Disney fan-favorite roles if they had actually taken the parts.

Robin Williams in The Santa Clause

santaWe’ll start off in the spirit of the season by looking at a cherished Disney holiday classic. Amongst many actors considered to fill the big red suit and don a fluffy white beard of Santa Claus was comedian Robin Williams.

Many know the late funny-man from a myriad of family roles including voice work as the Genie in Disney’s animated Aladdin and as a troubled father trying to do the best by his kids in Mrs. Doubtfire. So he probably would have fit in perfectly for this role. Would it have spawned a three-film franchise?

Would you miss Tim Allen in the role?

Eddie Murphy in Who Framed Roger Rabbit

rogerA tale of two Eddies! We know the character of Eddie Valiant as a troubled, rough-around-the-edges, private detective with a penchant for avoiding toons in the golden age of Hollywood but what direction might the ground-breaking live-action animated hybrid have taken with the comedic stylings of Eddie Murphy?

Murphy showed his ability to emote in the family realm in Disney’s Haunted Mansion and Mulan so he could have easily fit in amongst the zany toons but would he have fit in too well to work in contrast with his wacky co-stars?

Would you miss Bob Hoskins in the role?

Bette Midler in Sister Act

sisterIt’s hard to imagine anyone other than Whoopi Goldberg donning the habit as a fesity nun-der cover lounge singer on the run from the mob but what if Bette Midler — for whom the role was created — had actually taken the job?

Goldberg is known more for her comedy than her singing but Midler could have definitely brought the congregation to their knees with some showstopping solos.

Would you miss Whoopi Goldberg in the role?

Zachary Levi in Guardians of the Galaxy

gotgIf the thought of Bette Midler in Sister Act has you thinking “Oh Lord!” Then what about Zachary Levi as Star-Lord? Chris Pratt formed a new kind of anti-hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with his quirky charm and it’s spawned not just sequel films but even new attractions at Disney Parks.

Levi has a quirky charm of his own and the wits to be a bad-ass supehero including this year’s Shazam! but could he have brought similar success to the Guardians of the Galaxy films?

Would you miss Chris Pratt in the role?

Emily Blunt as Black Widow in the MCU

endgameThe Marvel Cinematic Universe is ripe with woulda, coulda, shoulda casting stories but we thought Emily Blunt in various roles as Black Widow over the past decade would have been a very interesting take on the character.

Natalia Alianovna “Natasha” Romanova is an iconic on-screen presence, one that will be getting her own origin story this upcoming spring. Could you picture Blunt spinning her way through?

Would you miss Scarlett Johansson in the role?

Angela Lansbury as Mary Poppins

poppinsWhile Emily Blunt was not fated to portray the Black Widow, it seems winds of change would eventually cast her as as a high-flying nanny in Mary Poppins Returns. But the precocious nanny was most famously realized in one of Disney’s most endearing live action features with Julie Andrews leading the charge as Mary Poppins.

For this part, imagine instead one Angela Lansbury! Although she did not land the part, she would eventually come to Cherry Tree Lane in one way or the other portraying the Balloon Lady in last year’s sequel. The renowned actress has had an illustrious career spanning several decades but can you see her singing her way to the steps of St. Paul to feed the birds?

Would you miss Julie Andrews in the role?

Liv Tyler in The Princess Diaries

diariesWhile we saw what could have happened if Julie Andrews had taken another path in Mary Poppins, we now jump to another film with the esteemed actress to imagine her co-star with a different face.

Anne Hathaway has a girl-next-door charm that made her perfect for the part in The Princess Diaries and although Amelia “Mia” Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldi had the ultimate goal in life to just be invisible, what if Anne Hathaway was just that in this role and it went instead to Live Tyler?

Would you miss Anne Hathaway in the role?

Anne Hathaway in Alice in Wonderland

aliceIf Anne Hathaway had in fact turned down a role in the Princess Diaries would she have seized the opportunity to join the Disney family in the lead of Tim Burton’s re-creation of Alice in Wonderland?

As fate would have it, she was in the film anyway. Not in the lead as Alice but in the supporting capacity as the White Queen. It would seem that the life of royalty was befitting of the young actress.

Would you miss Mia Wasikowska in the role?

Emma Watson in Cinderella

cinderellaAnne Hathaway isn’t the only person to turn down a role for a Disney live action film and then later accept another one. Emma Watson brought Belle to life in the 2017 live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast but did you know that was after turning down the role of the 2015 live-action remake of Cinderella?

After seeing Hermione Granger through completion of her studies at the Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it seems Watson was destined to a different kind of magic… Disney magic!

Would you miss Lily James in the role?

Reese Witherspoon in Enchanted

enchantedContinuing on the royal theme, we take a look at a role that was literally Enchanted. Amy Adams had a breakout role in this live action Disney film that also envisioned her as 2D animated princess. But can you envision the part going to Reese Witherspoon instead?

Witherspoon would eventually take part of Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time in which she officially joined the ranks as a fanciful magical Disney character but could you see her rocking it also as a Disney princess?

Would you miss Amy Adams in the role?

Tom Selleck as Indiana Jones

indyTom Selleck as an iconic actor of the 1980s and Indiana Jones is an iconic film of the 1980s but would the two have paired together for an epic iconic pairing?

Harrison Ford starred in several films for the franchise and also in a Disneyland attraction and a later reboot sequel in 2008 but can you see his face and charm swapped for the stylings of Tom Selleck instead?

Would you miss Harrison Ford in the role?

Hugh Jackman as Captain Jack Sparrow

potcThere’s an undeniable and inimitable charm with the character of Captain Jack Sparrow that will put him down in the anals of history as an iconic and memorable cinematic character.

Johnny Depp is largely responsible for the likable anti-hero across several films and Disney Parks attractions and experiences. Would Hugh Jackman have invented as equally memorable a role in the Pirates of the Caribbean films or was he better suited with adamantium claws in the X-men universe?

Would you miss Johnny Depp in the role?

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