After seeing both Star Wars and Disney Animation at Downtown Disney’s THE VOID, it seems the virtual reality experience is now ready to dive into the world of MARVEL with the upcoming debut of AVENGERS: DAMAGE CONTROL.

Created in partnership with ILMxLAB, the new virtual reality fan experience  will give fans the chance to suit up, step into the action and become part of the story for the very first time, teaming up alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

Fans will be enlisted by Shuri to test her latest prototype design: Emergency Response Suits, created with a proprietary blend of Wakandan and Stark Industries technology. When sinister forces intervene, guests at the Wakandan Outreach Centers will soon find themselves recruited into action. Fans will fight side by side with Avengers like Doctor Strange, the Wasp, Ant-Man and more.

HOW exactly does this happen? The virtual reality walk-through experiences surrounds guests with 3D imagery and physical effects like heat and wind. The result is a uniquely immersive: a virtual world that guests can touch and feel, bringing some of their favorite Super Hero characters to life in a way that’s never before been possible.

See it for Yourself

AVENGERS: DAMAGE CONTROL is available to experience at THE VOID in Downtown Disney starting October 18, 2019.

MORE INFO: Tickets are available now at TheVOID.com.