JUNGLE CRUISE made a big splash this past week at the D23 Expo with the appearance of the film’s two lead stars, Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt who each made separate grand arrivals into the Hall D23 space. If you weren’t following along with our live tweets, you can find the juicy scoop below!

Johnson, who plays riverboat captain Frank Wolff, entered Hall D23 aboard gigantic Jungle Cruise boat and introduced a “trailer” that showed off his character—so much so, that co-star  Blunt, who portrays Dr. Lily Houghton, arrived via classic car to share with fans her own “trailer,” offering a different perspective.

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nullSquaring off toe to toe, Johnson playfully boasted his involvements thus far with Disney have proven quite monumental having brought to life a demigod, Maui, in Disney’s MOANA. But Blunt was quick on the uptake saying that his portray of an *animated* character was all fine and well but that she was *literally* Mary Poppins last year. The rib jabs were endaring and perfect. The chemistry here is undeniable and if even just an ounce of that translates to the big screen then we’ll have a surefire hit in JUNGLE CRUISE.

Sean Bailey, President of Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Production, laughingly interrupted and informed them that neither of their trailers was official but he offered us no new visuals. However, what we saw between the two “fake” trailers was an expanded world of the Jungle Cruise attraction, set in the Amazon with had big epic feels of something straight from the world of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN.

Epic and adventurous in scope and feeling, JUNGLE CRUISE should be a guaranteed popcorn blockbuster. Plus, the two leading stars ooze an infectious charm. One other interesting detail revealed in the video (aside from the fact that we got a backside of water joke in the trailer) is what seems to be a mystical, mythical, and/or magical creature that will be giving the romantic leads a run for their money.

JUNGLE CRUISE opens in theaters on July 24, 2020.


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