Tonight at the D23 Expo, we learned from Chairman of Parks, Experiences and Products Bob Chapek several juicy details about upcoming Disney Parks projects including the official name for the Marvel-themed lands currently in construction across several Disney Parks around the globe in in Hong Kong, Paris, and right here California.

Tonight’s sneak peek at the exhibit offered some concept art, including a comprehensive look at the new land plus models, props, and even an interactive experience to live our your Tony Stark (or Minority Report) high-tech sci-fi fantasies!

Guests who visit these campuses will become part of an interconnected, global story spanning from California to Paris to Hong Kong, as the Avengers recruit new extraordinary people to join them. But enough with the yapping, let’s take a look at what awaits guests this weekend at the D23 Expo and in the near future at Disney Parks all over!

Overview Concept Art

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Concept Art




W.E.B. / Spider-Man


Spidey’s new suit.


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Spider-Bots will be perfect sidekicks on the Avengers Campus. With his multi-tool leg and assembly-focused AI, he’ll be able to build or repair anything you might need when you’re out in the field!


My Jarvis Home Artificial Intelligence System is an interactive way to get through Avengers Campus menus and modules just like Tony Stark! It’s not a touch screen you literally use hand gestures to explore and interact to see what’s on display here including a new schematics for a new Quinjet and suit!

Super Heroes Assemble at Disney Parks Around the World

Pym Technologies

A new microbrery is coming to Disney California Adventure as part of the new Avengers Campus.


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Stark Expo Hong Kong


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Tivan Collection

So this isn’t really new but just a promotion for Marvel’s DCA presence at Disney California Adventure in Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT. The Vyloo on display here is alive just like the ones in the queue.

20190822_194839 20190822_193832

But Wait, There’s More!

Tickets are completely sold out so let us be your ticket into the Ultimate Disney Fan Event!

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