CALICO RIVER RAPIDS at Knott’s Berry Farm will debut on May 17, 2019 and it brings with it a host of upgrades to the former Big Foot Rapids with new animatronics, themed show scenes, a new story overlay and plenty of dynamic water effects.

The attraction will come to life with new animatronics and special effects designed and manufactured by Garner Holt Productions, Inc., the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of animatronics for theme parks. In the video, we get to see some of the new life being created to populate the river including bears, otters, rattlesnake and bobcats. One figure conveniently missing from that video is what is shown in concept art: a massive look at BIG FOOT!

Calico River Rapids will take voyagers on a search for new land through the outskirts of Calico, the richly themed area in Knott’s esteemed Ghost Town. Guests will journey through the authentic setting with the help of legendary frontiersmen who have plotted the path for settlers to explore. Rafters will encounter a variety of wild surprises along the way such as roaring rapids, indigenous wildlife, and peculiar homesteaders. The circular raft ride, which seats six passengers, will traverse through unexpected twists and turns, rushing waters and rapid currents as it navigates the unexplored river path.

Hero - Calico River Rapids Rendering With Logo Small

Calico River Rapids - Final Plunger Calico River Rapids - Cabin

Calico River Rapids - Bigfoot

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CALICO RIVER RAPIDS at Knott’s Berry Farm opens May 17, 2019

Hero - Calico River Rapids Rendering With Logo Small