As part of the Walt Disney Company’s commitment to reduce plastic waste, the Disneyland Resort has begun to phase out plastic straws in favor of  “Earth-friendly” paper straws that are biodegradable. This is a clear win for the environment but we were worried about the quality of the replacement straws considering less-than-magical experiences with them in the past.

We’re happy to confirm that the new straws at Disneyland are possibly the best disposable paper straws we’ve ever used!

“Possibly the best disposable paper straws we’ve ever used!”

Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World is no stranger to paper straws but as many are likely aware, the straws available there will lend you a solid six and a half minutes (no we didn’t actually measure that) of usable straw time before turning into a limp mushy mess that feels like you’re sucking your Frappuccino through the leftovers of a reformed spit-wad. Truly awful.

However, the Disneyland straws are quite different. We had a water cup with us for several hours and we found that for at least the first 2 – 3 hours that the straw completely held its shape. Eventually the straw did lose its structural integrity BUT the best part is that it didn’t disintegrate and it never turned into the mushy spit-wad texture of yesteryear’s Disney paper straw.

A biodegradable solution for plastic lids is decidedly further out on the horizon so while Disney does still offer plastic lids, they are ONLY available by request. That means if you want a lid for your drink, you have to ask a Cast Member since the locations have begun removing them from guest access.

This is all a win-win. Kudos to Disney!