If you’re attending this year’s D23 Expo and are interested in submitting for either the D23 Expo Design Challenge or the Mousequerade then you’ll be happy to know that submissions are now being accepted!

D23 Expo Design Challenge

  • PRIZE: $2,300!
  • THEME: Haunted Mansion (in honor of the Disneyland attraction’s 50th anniversary)
  • WHAT: Guests are asked to create works of art inspired by and Haunted Mansion and Haunted Mansion-like attractions (e.g.Mystic Manor and Phantom Manor) around the world
  • DEADLINE: March 29, 2019



  • PRIZE: $2,300!
  • THEME: Five categories designed to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation
    • Once Upon a Costume: Let the most beloved tales from the lands of make believe and fantasy be the inspiration for your magical transformation into a beloved Disney character. Costumes may include animated or live-action characters.
    • Worlds of Adventure: Arrrgh! And may the Force be with you! From swashbucklers on the high seas to royalty from another galaxy, these costumes rock the most adventurous Disney spirits.
    • Heroes & Villains
      “Good vs. Evil”… “Dark Side vs. Light Side”… “Super Hero vs. Super Villain”… Bring these forces to life with imagination and ingenuity. Solo or Team (up to 2 total Team members) entries are welcome to compete.
    • Inspired by Disney: Bring the unique imagination of Disney to your creation from attractions to animation, theme parks to cruise lines, architecture to television and beyond! Let your inner Imagineer run wild!
    • Casts of Characters: Friends and family all come together to create their favorite cast of Disney characters. Duo entries and group entries (up to 8 total Team members) may participate.
  • WHO: Ashley Eckstein and Yvette Nicole Brown are judges once again!
  • DEADLINE: March 15, 2019


See it for Yourself

D23 Expo 2019 takes place at the Anaheim Convention Center from August 23-25, 2019.

For tickets and info visit D23expo.com. To join D23 and enjoy Gold Member benefits during the D23 Expo, visit D23.com/join.