Disney themes crop up just about everywhere, from plush and toys to apparel and furniture. It’s everywhere. But somewhere where you will decreasingly find that world-known licensing prowess is in the world of slots and gambling! It’s no secret that Disney is actively trying to disassociate itself from gambling licensing but you might still find branded IPs on slots still in existence. Today, our partners with Lucky Admiral will take a look at slot games that you might be able to still find to get your Disney fix!

Iron Man

This game takes you on a journey with Marvel’s Tony Stark, where you can hope to win a superhero-sized jackpot. It was originally released in 2009, but it still holds up well against the most modern slot. As this character now finds himself under the Disney umbrella, it can be considered a Disney themed slot game and we’d expect that as the machines die out that that will slowly be the end of the metallic marvel.

GAMEPLAY: There’s an expanding wild feature that’s fab within this game. It was definitely before its time when it added in this feature. You can play with up to 25 lines in this game, giving you the opportunity to win big without spending a lot.


Ok, so this is not technically Disney but just scope this one out. The main character in this game looks quite a bit like Tinker Bell and it’s clear to see the inspiration here from the original Disney character. This game comes from Eyecon, their slot games themes tend to be quite cartoonish and Disney like. If you like this style of games, then you’re in good company with these ones.

GAMEPLAY: As you progress through the game, there are different bonus features to unlock. Twinkle — even her name is similar — makes an appearance in a lot of them, which allows you to get to know the character better. The pick-and-click rounds can be super rewarding for intrepid players.

Star Wars

This game has been around in land-based casinos for quite a while even despite Disney’s attempts to take it off the market. This player favorite features the memorable cast the characters from the franchise. The Stormtroopers are out in full force in this game, too.

GAMEPLAY: Is mostly expected here. Spin the slots and hope that you’ve found the droids you’re looking for. Reap in the rewards and master the Force!

It’s an officially licensed product, though loads of knock off space themed slots also exist on the market with characters that look quite similar, but are not the real deal. It’s easy to spot the ones that have been inspired by this franchise and want to make something similar for their casino partners. There’s definitely a massive demand for space themed slots, so we can’t blame them for catering to this!

Ironically, STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI sets the precedent even more for STAR WARS themed gambling as the film features a significant portion on the planet of Canto Bight which is home to a massive casino catering to the wealthy.

See it for Yourself

There are lots of great slot games for Disney fans out there, you just have to know where to look. Whether they’re Disney-inspired or officially licenced products, they can add a bit of fun to your gaming time for sure!