Perhaps the biggest news this weekend, based on the response we got on our Twitter was the the recent price hikes on admission media to the Disneyland Resort. But aside from the hub-bub by that news, there was also several other things to catch up on around the parks.

Construction can be found from edge to edge of the entire resort. From Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure to Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland to the new restaurants coming to Downtown Disney, there’s a lot coming soon to the happiest place on Earth.

Breakfast is also big news this week as Rancho del Zocalo no longer offers its Mexican-inspired dishes. Instead, you can now head over to Red Rose Taverne for new French-inspired breakfast options. Refurbishments also continue as the list of attractions down in Fantasyland grows to include Casey Jr. Circus Train and Storybookland Canal Boats. Plus, Mickey and Friends continues to prepare for its new parking structure.

Of course, we’ll have a nice little merch run for you. All of that and more in our latest pictorial update. ENJOY!

Price Hikes!

In what has become a reviled yearly February tradition, ticket prices have once again increased for the Disneyland Resort. That means it’s going to cost even more to “get more happy” this year with both ticket and annual pass prices going up. Find the details below.

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Breakfast Shakeup

Rancho del Zocalo is no longer serving breakfast but Red Rose Taverne now does. Gone are breakfast burritos and pico de gallo and in is flatbreads and bechamel.

Here’s a look at the new breakfast offering at Disneyland. Some good variety offered here although there will definitely be people who miss the breakfast burritos, chilaquiles, and other Mexican dishes.

One thing we did not like, which was hopefully a fluke during our visit, was that it took 25 minutes to get our food after we ordered. Considering the location is quick service counter restaurant it seems that there’s some serious refinement needed to the process or they should give out buzzers and deliver food to table.

From our experience, breakfast at Red Rose Taverne is overall pretty good. However, it seems like eggs will be hit-or-miss; either cooked well or overcooked. Discounting the fact that it took 25 minutes to get our food after we ordered, we give it a B+. If the wait we had this morning is going to be typical then C-.

The Breakfast Flatbread was actually pretty good. The egg was cooked perfectly, a little runny and quite delicious. The dish also has bacon, mozzarella, Taverne potatoes, bechamel sauce, and greens. Flatbread texture was perfect, almost biscuit-like. Tasty but not super filling. $9.49.

Garden Vegetable Hash was also a solid choice. However, the portion was a little small and the egg was rubbery and not very good. It’s hard to believe the same perfectly cooked egg on our flatbread came out of the same kitchen as this sad blob of yellow and white. The star of this dish was everything else that the egg topped including mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, kale, and the tasty Taverne potatoes. There was bechamel sauce and it was served with a croissant. Tasty but not super filling. $9.49.

One thing that was certain for both dishes was that they needed more Bechamel sauce. We were glad we ordered an extra side. It needed just a little bit of salt and pepper, but that’s probably personal preference. The extra bechamel went a long way to help accent the dishes.

Dessert with breakfast is a little odd but this deep-dish chocolate chip cookie looked quite tempting. It’s available all day long.

Gaston’s Brew (was how our server referred to it) was a great choice to wash it all down. The beverage is not new but it includes frozen apple juice with a mango passion fruit foam. $4.99.

Wrinkle Preview

Costumes are on display for the 4D preview which utilizes the in-theater effects to bring more life to the extended preview.

For a limited time, you can get a button promoting the film.

Pixar Pier

Lot’s going on in Pixar Pier as it rushes towards a summer 2018 opening.

The Incredicoaster

The Incredicoaster’s first launch hill has been enclosed. New show elements are expected to be included throughout the journey of the coaster.

The Incredicoaster loading station is getting its revamp to resemble the Parr family home.

It’s hard to see here but the launch portion of the track is completely gone.

It’s expected that all the tubes will be enclosed as part of the redo.

The loop is back on the Incredicoaster.

Toy Story Mania!

Painting continues on Toy Story Mania! with bright red pops starting to emerge.

Mickey’s Fun Wheel

Mickey’s Fun Wheel will be getting Pixar character themed gondolas but the face is staying.

More Pier

Not much visible progress on the western end of the pier.

Ariel’s Grotto

No details have been revealed as to the changes coming to the former princess dining location and bar.

Flashback to DCA circa 2001! Avalon Cove was the original name for the restaurant before it was quickly converted to Ariel’s Grotto. As Ariel’s Grotto gets peeled away it reveals the onion layers of history for the location.

Treasures in Paradise

Treasures in Paradise is also lacking of any details for now.

Galaxy’s Edge

Around Disneyland

Sleeping Beauty Castle is back to its original thematic pieces — shedding the remaining of its 60th Anniverary decor — but there’s still work to be done to restore the Disneyland icon to its former glory.

Turret finials and accent pieces still missing and overall the castle could use some TLC and paint.

Dumbo’s new queue and shade structure continues.

Casey Jr. Circus Train is now also getting some work done.

Storybookland Canal Boats are also down for some “tiny improvements.”

New queue for “it’s a small world” is also underway. The attraction remains open during construction.

Beignets and Mint Juleps remain super popular.

Splash Mountain is still down.

Walls continue to flow from the entrance up to the castle as the horse-drawn streetcars get new wider tracks and brickwork.

Around Disney California Adventure

The Lunar New Year celebration at Disney California Adventure is back; a tradition which brings with it festive food, entertainment, and more. This year it’s the Year of the Dog so everyone’s favorite four-legged pooch PLUTO is this year’s main mascot.

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We finally got into see the new Vyloos at Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: Breakout.

If it looks like the Vyloo are sometimes actually looking at you, that is intentional as the creatures are actually responsive to human interaction.

Changing vistas.

Looks like most of the popular items from SUMMER OF HEROES are still available at the Studio Catering Co. truck.

Redwood Creek continues its beautification projects.

Still no Mrs. Doubtfire. Hm.

Splitsville Again

Although the bowling component isn’t necessarily a personal draw the diverse menu options of the new location have lured us back once again to try more of the offerings. We took an extensive look at the location last week which you can see below.

MORE INFO: PICTORIAL: Splitsville Luxury Lanes soft opens at Downtown Disney, fantastic eats, retro treats

One thing we missed last week was that Splitsville actually offers FREE ALL-DAY REFILLS.

Purchase their all-day cup and enjoy free refills all day from their Coke Freestyle machine.

Golden Road Mango Cart, $14. (No free refills ;))

Grilled Avocado filled with seared ahi tuna tossed in spicy kimchi ponzu sauce with scallions, spicy mayo, sushi rice, and crispy wonton chips. $18.

Ninja Crunch roll includes tempura fried salmon and Kani Kama krab rolled with fresh salmon and tempura crunch then drizzled with spicy mayo and eel sauce. $17.

Live entertainment fills the outdoor stage throughout the day and night.

As with most Downtown Disney options, prices are high but the quality matches and the variety adds something more interesting and wide-ranging in appeal for more people. Super glad to see more variety like this come to the shopping district.

Disney Home marquee has finally been placed. The location is expected to open this month.


Ballast Point location is confirmed! It’s occupying former Ridemakerz.

Black Tap location is confirmed! It’s occupying former Build-A-Bear.

Naples Ristorante e PIzzeria remains open during construction. Work is underway to expand its patio with a new outside bar and additional seating for al fresco dining. Inside, three wood burning ovens will be installed to better meet guests’ demands for authentic Napoletana-style pizza pies.

Pretty major work to the building exterior, too!

Around the Resort

Mickey and Friends tram loading now takes place at the former exit-only stations as work is well underway for construction on the new parking structure.

The former loading stations are continuing to disappear. One by one, each of the planters continues to disappear over night.

Several staging areas have cropped out on the outter ends of the property, possibly giving an idea for the size of the new, much smaller sister structure to Mickey and Friends.

Merch Run

Purses. Purses. Purses!!

Guys, it’s totally normal to make special trips into the shop to smell these, right?

Another look at more of the 2018 Disneyland Resort merchandise. So great!!

Disney Infinity inspired action figures from the TOY BOX series are now available.

See what they did there?

Shop windows have a romantic flair.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Then St. Patrick’s Day.

And Easter!

SO CUTE!!! Baby Goofy.

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