In a bizarre coincidence, everyone is losing their heads at Disney Parks. Literally. Two different animatronic figures in two different parks have both seemingly randomly had their heads fall off during regular hours with guests cycling through.

It first started this morning when social media spheres were in a buzz about a photo posted to Twitter showing the Pirates of the Caribbean Auctioneer figure at Disneyland Paris with his head hanging on his chest.

Adding fuel to the fire — or, rather, the water — video posted later in the afternoon showed the Ursula figure from The Little Mermaid attraction with her head in similarly compromised position. It’s unclear from the posting whether this was taken in Disney California Adventure in California or Magic Kingdom in Florida as both parks have the popular attraction.

It’s certainly been an interesting week of news surrounding Disney animatronics. On Friday, Ellen Degeneres had a bit on her show in which she talked about Disney sending her the animatronic figure from the now defunct Ellen’s Energy Adventure at Epcot. Conflicting reports say that she didn’t get the actual animatronic but only the actual clothes and skin. It proved a creepily funny experience as you can see below.

At any rate, it’s not a good week to be a Disney animatronic!

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