There’s a special magic in the air at SkyPark at Santa’s Village. Literally. It’s manufactured daily at The Gingerbread House bakery and it comes in the form of the fresh-baked housemade sweets and treats baked on-site. The sweet smell fills the air, beckoning you to come inside. But there’s no witches in this giant cookie home, it’s filled with all kinds of goodies.


PICTORIAL: ‘Skypark at Santa’s Village’ expands with more merriment for 2017 holiday season

When we were invited to check out the 2017 holiday season offerings at the park, we knew one of our first stops was going to be this delightful little abode that itself is made to look like a giant confectioner’s dream. Join us now as we take a look at some of the treats you can enjoy.


It would be criminal to have a giant gingerbread house that didn’t sell little Gingerbread Men. Hand decorated in the kitchen they help give the kitchen that trademark Christmastime smell.

Sticky Biscuit

After trying them last year, we knew that we absolutely had to get another Sticky Biscuit this year and they are ever just as good. If you’re not there when they come fresh out of the oven, you can have them warmed up. With a fresh glass of milk, it’s a big highlight of the visit for us!

We brought an extra one home this year and what we didn’t know last year is that these suckers taste just as good COLD! In fact, it’s a completely different experience. The yummy sticky topping firms up to a delightful chewy candy that tastes completely different and equally just as good. So bring home two. One to eat cold out of the fridge and another to eat warmed up in the oven!


There’s a simple wonderfulness to the Santa’s Village Gingerdoodle. Imagine the sharp sweetness of a Ginger Snap. Now imagine the soft chewy cinnamon delight of a snickerdoodle. Combine them together and you get the Gingerdoodle. Yum!

More Treats

There’s a bunch of flavors to tempt the palate including Cinnamon Rolls, Brownies, Mini Pumpkin Pies, Ginerbread Cake, cookies, cakes and more!


Yep, you can get hitched at SkyPark at Santa’s Village. There’s a few cakes on display.

Convinced? What do you want to try?

More to Explore

There’s a bunch of other goodies of the non-edible variety inside…

See it for Yourself

SkyPark at Santa’s Village is is very much a destination park, you’ll want to make sure to get your admission squared away before making the drive up to Sky Forest.

  • Adults (Age 13-59): $59
  • Age 4-12 (and 60-79): $49
  • Under 3 (and over 80): FREE

Group rates are also available.

Visit for tickets and more info!