Vampirina and her family recently relocated from Transylvania to Pennsylvania. But these new nocturnal neighbors are slightly different than the rest of the block because they are vampires. Friendly vampires of course, who are embracing the new human culture.

Vampirina, often called “Vee”, experiences many of the same challenges kids (and adults) do when they move to a new home. She starts a new school, tries to make new friends and hopes to fit in while also staying true to who she is.

The DVD includes four 22-minute episodes:

  • Going Batty/Scare B&B
  • The Sleepover/Portrait Of A Vampire
  • Vee’s Surprise Party/Vee Goes Viral
  • The Plant Predicament/Mummy Mayhem

The show is filled with catchy tunes and an intro song that even has parents tapping along. Vampirina shares her secret with her two best friends, Poppy and Bridget who encourage her to embrace her individuality. The trio comes across a variety of entertaining obstacles as they try to play off the monster encounters to the rest of the community. Poppy’s twin brother and mother regularly are involved in goulish gatherings but often seem none the wiser.

 Vampirina’s parents Oxana Hauntley and Boris Hauntley are a charming couple eager to make friends and welcome their new neighbors into their lives. In the episode Scare B&B Oxana achieves her lifelong goal of running a bed and breakfast and seamlessly skirts the humourous hurdles presented.

My personal favorite character is Gregoria, an ancient gargoyle statue who loves to be part of the party. And the best part is Wanda Sykes is the voice of Gregoria! Each episode offers viewers an opportunity to laugh and get into the festive Halloween spirit.

You can pick up these four epsidoes of Vampirina starting today!