Lucasfilm and Disney today launched the debut episode of “Science and Star Wars,” a new digital series exclusively on the Star Wars Facebook page that explores the science of the Star Wars universe; just how close real-world scientists are coming to emulate the technology; and the role of the franchise in inspiring some of science’s greatest innovations.

The first episode goes under the hood to tackle the pop culture phenomena of light sabers. Star Wars Rebels actor Taylor Gray discusses the mythology behind the combat lasers and explores how close we really are to harnessing the power of the galaxy’s most iconic weapon.


Over the course of 10 episodes, host Anthony Carboni and his rotating roster of scientific experts and celeb guests will experiment with technology that isn’t actually so far, far away anymore (think: Jedi mind control, Boba Fett’s Jetpack, and more). The series will explore science fantasy, science fact and the gray area in-between. Fans can catch new episodes which will tackle one underlying Star Wars theme.