Disney brings beautiful cultural learnings to the main stream with their home release of ELENA OF AVALOR: CELEBRATIONS TO REMEMBER.

The unique television series provides the audience with an entertaining and educational look into Latin American culture through the fictional country of Avalor. It has us falling with one of Disney’s newest princesses Elena, and her personable and eccentric adventure companions. This new DVD release offers a delightful collection of celebrations treasured by the Latin American culture such as: Dia de los Muertos, Carnaval, Navidad and Quinceañeras.

Each episode involves Elena’s attempts to create an enjoyable celebration for all of her beloved friends and family. She is met with various challenges along the way that teach viewers about value of traditions and bringing loved ones together. Parents and kids alike with fall in love with the upbeat music and positive attitude of the characters. Elena is a persistent and passionate Crown Princess who is determined to be a worthy ruler of Avalor one day.

Parents will appreciate the underlying messages of acceptance, inclusion and enthusiasm for life. Elena always strives to understand her friends and family and ensure every member of the community feels welcome. The bonus episodes Crystal In The Rough and Captain Turner Returns provides viewers with a look into Naomi’s life and introduces us to her home country of Norberg. And the songs in the Celebration episodes are heart touching and remind us why we celebrate together.

The fantastic DVD includes 4 Celebration Episodes and 2 Bonus Episodes:

  • A Day to Remember
  • Navidad
  • King Of The Carnaval
  • My Fair Naomi


  • Crystal In The Rough
  • Captain Turner Returns

The DVD also includes a FREE Elena Locket which my daughter enthusiastically declared to be “so pretty!”