Last week, we were invited to Knott’s Berry Farm for the special announcement of the new HangTime coaster coming summer 2018 and the newly opened Boardwalk Barbecue restaurant. Both additions are in the Boardwalk section of the park, continuing a fun retro inspired vibe. The coaster promises several features that will be firsts to the west-coast and the restaurant, open now adds surprisingly great barbecue to the roster of all the eats already available in the park.

About HangTime

This expanse of dirt is where HangTime will spring up!

The brand new steel rollercoaster will debut as the only dive coaster on the West Coast, towering 150 feet, showcasing gravity-defying inversions, mid-air suspensions and twisting dive tracks.

Fun Facts

  • Height: 150 feet
  • Track Length: 2,198 feet
  • Trains: 3 with 16 seats each
  • Maximum Velocity: 57 MPH
  • 96 degree first drop will be steepest in California
  • 150 foot 90 degree vertical lift
  • 5 inversions
  • 60 degree holding break
  • Negative-G Stall Loop, gives riders the sensation of floating.

HangTime’s ride structure itself will come to life and illuminate the Boardwalk area with colorful nighttime track chase lighting that will accompany the coaster train’s travels across the smooth steel track. The lighting will be easily updated for any occasion, fourth of July, Halloween, Christmas, etc.

HangTime is manufactured by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides, GmbH, and is the company’s next-generation “infinity coaster” model.

About Boardwalk BBQ

With a fun psuedo 50s vibe, this restaurant, open now, brings with it house-prepared meats and delicious flavors. We were really surprised at the taste and quality of the food. If you’re not counting on a stop at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner you’ll definitely not be disappointed here!

The prices are are little high but the quality and flavor are definitely worth the extra coin over a standard burger and fries. See the full menu below.

See it for Yourself

A Regular Season Pass ($92) includes unlimited admission in 2018 to Knott’s Berry Farm with no blackout dates, and a Gold Season Pass ($110) includes unlimited admission in 2018 to both Knott’s Berry Farm and the newly expanded Knott’s Soak City Waterpark with no blackout dates.

These offers end October 29, 2017. Applicable taxes and fees apply online. Payment plans are only available at

Snoopy and crew were at the media event to help celebrate the announcement.