ABC is back once again on the Exhibit Floor for Once Upon a Time and they’re offering an interactive experience with Captain Hook. When you enter the show space you’re surrounded by screens that take you into brief moments in the upcoming season of the show including what appears to be the enchanted forest, out on the open sea, and in… SEATTLE. No Storybrooke here!

Once inside, a small setup with some props lights up and we see Killian rise up to talk to us about the upcoming season. He invites us to cross swords with him. After you exit the room you’re able to line up to Sword Fight with Captain Hook!

The Experience

In our tweet below you can see me living out my wildest Nick Arcade fantasies by coming face to face (sorta) with Captain Hook himself!

The Final Product

Behind the Scenes

For a behind the scenes look at how this is done you can see Becca in the interactive experience below! Living out her princess Leia hologram goals…

See it for Yourself!

The ONCE UPON A TIME experience can be found exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con on the Exhibit Floor. You can save time by picking up a return time so that you can enjoy the showfloor while you wait to enter.

ONCE UPON A TIME returns to ABC this fall, Fridays at 8 p.m.

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