Comic-Con wouldn’t be complete without HBO’s fantasy sensation, Game of Thrones. With the show in it’s current 7th season, cast members were weary to give away show spoilers and shied away from answering any hard hitting questions. But leave it up to panel moderator Kristian Nairn (Hodor) to invoke good times and great moments.

Top 5 Highlights from SDCC GOT Panel:

  1. HODOR, HODOR, HODOR. Kristian is famous for his simplistic character on Game of Thrones and the one word he speaks: Hodor. So in classic Hodor fashion, he opened the panel by saying, “Hodor!” Outside of the show, Kristian is a featured DJ for his signature Rave of Thrones events. He is clearly nothing like his simple natured character (his face tattoos make this an obvious giveaway!)
  2.  THERE WAS A PUPPY ON STAGE. Actor Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy) joined the panel whilst holding his tiny/fluffy puppy, Abby. Alfie’s demenor seemed very similar to his timid ‘Reek’ persona, and petting his dog seemed to soothe him. Not sure if she’s a pet therapy dog or what the deal was, but the audience roared to see the little puppers on stage.
  3. SANSA IS ‘WOKE.’ Actress Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) described her character this season as ‘woke’ and not trusting anyone. Last season Sansa was basically a prisoner to Ramsey, so her new found freedom has left her cold and on guard. Sophie hinted for audiences to pay attention to her character arch this season, as her past has shaped her into a new woman.
  4. BRING BACK THE DEAD. Moderator Kristian asked the actors if they could bring back one character who had died, who would it be and why? Alfie said he would bring back Khal Drogo “because he’s a badass.” Sophie said she’d bring back Joffrey, and the audience GROANED with detest! Despite the crowd’s detest, she claimed it was because she enjoyed working with him as an actor; he’s definitely a character everyone loves to hate!
  5. HOLD YOUR PEE. Actress Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei) explained that her costume was completely fitted to her body and she had to be sewn in and out of it. Which means ANYTIME she needed to use the restroom whilst filming, they physically had to unsew her outfit!

While majority of the main characters wern’t in attendance, other panelists included: Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm), John Bradley (Samwell Tarly), Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth), Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth), Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran Stark), and Conleth Hill (Varys). With Winter upon them and new allegiances formed, what will happen next? There are only a few episodes for season 8, so stay tuned to HBO on Sundays at 9pm.

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