If you have been to a Disney Park recently, you may have noticed guests walking around that might look strangely like your favorite character. You might look at them and say, wow she looks almost exactly what Snow White dresses in, or he is in Peter Pan colors. I wonder if he did that on purpose? Well, the answer is probably yes, they did do it on purpose, and it’s called DisneyBounding!

What exactly is DisneyBounding? It is a way to dress as your favorite character without having to wear a costume, since costumes for adults are not allowed in the Parks. Or as a way to show your passion without being so uppercase. It can be done with a variety of techniques including color blocking different clothes and wearing carefully selected accessories. As long as you are having fun doing it, anything goes! Leslie Kay, the creator of DisneyBound and Cakeworthy, brought some of the notable DisneyBounders to my last panel of Comic-Con to teach us all about DisneyBounding 101.

Me rocking my favorite Snow White DisneyBound

The panel included Kit Leitmeyer, Loni Clark, Neil Williams II, and Sara Katz-Scher. Leslie gave a brief overview on DisneyBounding and the reason why she created the tumbler page. Then went right into what are some of the more difficult Disneybounds. How do you handle a cape? A simple cardigan or a scarf can easily be turned into the perfect cape!

Another challenge for DisneyBounders is a character with one solid color. Sara and Leslie suggests that you closely look at the character and see if there are different shades of that color you could use. Break up all brown with a light or darker brown belt. Another difficult thing to do is go as an obscure character or thing from a movie or attraction. Someone might not realize your are Zurg if you are wearing purple and black, but add a bullseye purse that looks like the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster target, and you will be instantly recognized.

Leslie then asked the panel what was the one essential item any DisneyBounder must have? Kit said yellow shoes. The entire panel agreed. Yellow shoes are good for so many different bounds like Snow White, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy, and much more.

 Leslie then told the panelists and attendees that we would be playing a fun game of Buy, Borrow, and Toss. First up was Moana, Ariel, and Snow White. Each had a different answer on why they would Buy, Toss, or Borrow for the three of them. She then asked attendees which they would do.  I would Buy Snow White, because she is my favorite and I feel like you could probably mix and match yellow, blue, and red with anything. I would borrow Moana because I love her colors as well, but probably wouldn’t wear it all the time. And I would toss Ariel because she has never been my favorite, and well, I had to choose one of them to toss!

The panel was very informative especially foe me where I’m just starting out DisneyBounding. It is great fun and everyone in the community is so sweet and helpful. Make sure to follow Leslie and all the panelists on social media for other inspiring DisneyBounds.

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