It was an eventful weekend at the Disneyland Resort! You might have seen our other pictorials posted this weekend for all the goings on for the Disney Holidays but for this pictorial we’ve got a look at the remaining goings on to be seen, the more typical pictorial update on progress around the parks.

Perhaps of biggest interest outside of the launch of the Disney Holidays is that the new security area at Mickey and Friends Parking Structure is finally underway tearing up and re-configuring the parking lot area created for the grand resort expansion in 2001 when Disney California Adventure was opened.

Meanwhile, both Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure park got the remainder of their holiday layovers including at the Jingle Cruise which and Small World Holiday attractions.

Aside from the holiday merriment, we’ve got a look at the latest for Star Wars Land, Tower of Terror as it transitions to Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT, plus a merch run and much much more! ENJOY!

Mickey and Security Friends

No Pinocchio or Chip ‘n Dale lot means something is finally a foot for the new security area.

Looks like there’s a lot less green. Can’t tell how exactly?

You can see the south-western loading area (on the bottom right) has been relieved of its planters.

Closer look.

The entire area is being re-worked to pull the security screening back to the parking lot so that once a guest boards a tram, they can enjoy Downtown Disney, Disneyland, and Disney California Adventure without having to be re-screened.

A new walkway crosses the tram route to lead in and out of the tram loading area. The escalators are still functioning. This walkway is if you want to walk to the parks.

You can see in the foreground the walk-way into the parking structure, it loops back around to that mass of green walls towards the middle of the shot.

That walkway is the new walking route to get to the parks should you opt to not board a tram.

It’s a much longer way around for now.

Work to begin soon.

The walkway inside has also re-routed the handicapped accessible parking areas.

Let the Disney Holidays Begin!

Not much of a line to get into Disneyland.

It seems like everyone is on their way to visit Disney California Adventure.

The Disney Holidays are officially here and they’ve presented themselves in full effect at Disney California Advneture.

The newest version of World of Color – Season of Light has debuted.

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Disney California Adventure is also host to the new FESTIVAL OF HOLIDAYS.

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Since our visit to the parks last week, the remainder of Christmas decorations have finally arrived including…

The DCA Chritstmas tree.

Ding ding!

New branded containers for popcorn.

Holiday branded cups for your cold beverage needs.

Perhaps a stein is more your speed?

Red Velvet at Plaza Inn.

Yule Log at Plaza Inn.

Hollywood Land has its Christmas sparkle.

Fries have returned to Award Weiners and there’a also a slew of new dogs.

  • BBQ Crunch Dog – Cheddar sausage topped with barbecue sauce, Cheddar Jack cheese and crispy fried onions
  • Bacon Street Dog – All-beef hot dog dipped in a house-made roasted red pepper ketchup, topped with grilled onions, bell peppers and crispy bacon crumbles
  • Spicy City Dog – Cheddar and jalapeño sausage topped with chipotle crèma, queso fresco and Pico de Gallo
  • Uptown Chili Dog – All-beef hot dog topped with home-style chili, Pepper Jack cheese and corn chips

Tinsel Town is covered in tinsel for the holidays. Wish they’d blow it out like Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights.

Reflections of the holidays.

We wharf you a merry Christmas!

Seasons swimmings!

Christmas in Paradise.

Grizzly Peak Airfield has its small collection of holiday decorations.

Santa’s Holiday Visit at Redwood Creek

Santa will be greeting guests in the rustic foresty backdrop of the Redwood Creek adventure trail. Joyful elves have transformed Redwood Creek Challenge Trail into a jolly playground of holiday fun and games.

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Disney ¡Viva Navidad!

Returning once again, the high energy street party hosted by The Three Caballeros (Donald Duck, Jose Carioca and Pancho). Mickey and Minnie join the fun, dressed in their fiesta best, along with folklorico and samba dancers. Additional Disney ¡Viva Navidad! highlights include holiday foods, crafts, Disney character experiences and Latin American bands.

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Princess Elena’s Musical Grand Arrival

This uplifting musical cavalcade welcomes the adventurous and kindhearted Princess from the Disney Channel show “Elena of Avalor.” Along with her royal dancers and magical friend Skylar they celebrate the holiday.

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World of Color – Season of Light


The dazzling new spectacle brightens the night on Paradise Bay during Festival of Holidays.

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Over at Disneyland

Over at Disneyland the rest of the holiday decor has also made it.

Trees in the central plaza are neat and pretty.

Jingle Cruise is back.

Tropical Imports has a Christmas tree of sorts.

Fits into the Jingle Cruise backstory. Wish more of the land was decorated! I remember one year there was a wreath near the entrance made of birds of paradise and palm fronds.

You can also visit Santa in Critter Country.

A Christmas Fantasy Parade

A Christmas Fantasy parade returned once again this year!

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More DCA

Mad T is officially gone and so is the water fountain that was placed in front of Monsters, Inc.

Summer is long-gone but the popular menu items remain on the backlot.

Tower continues to receive more scaffolding.

More Disneyland

The parks are CROWDED!

Work continues on Tom Sawyer Island.

Docks under wraps.

Progress continues.

Wait, is that a….

Yes. Yes it is.

Back, back, back! Seagulls have returned.

Star Wars Land

Downtown Disney

Not a whole lot of visible progress at Downtown Disney for the new Sprinkles, Curl Surf or Pandora locations.

Merch Run