According to THR, Disney is finally ready to get a sequel to ENCHANTED off the ground now plans seem to be firming up around scoring director Adam Shankman. Super saccharine storylines fall right in his wheel house as he was responsible for the bubblegum supercharged Hairspray film that starred John Travolta, Zac Efron, Queen Latifah, and more.


ENCHANTED sequel in the works, will Idina Menzel return?

DISENCHANTED–as the film is project is currently known–has been stuck in development loops for quite some time since the original film debuted in 2007. It is expected that lead star Amy Adams would be reprising her role as Giselle, the fairy-tale princess-hopeful turned blasé entrepreneur stepmom.

The story will be set a decade after Giselle conquers the evil Narissa and finds her happy ending in the real world. It would seem that a disturbance in the Force–if you’ll pardon the analogy–will cause not just the real world but also the animated kingdom of Andalasia to be turned askew.