It was a June gloom two months too late this morning at the Disneyland Resort with muggy skies that didn’t part until the afternoon. It created a pretty humid but mercifully less sun-beaten experience for taking a look at the progress in the Star Wars themed land that continues morphing what was once backstage facilities, ranches, and the wild frontier into a landscape suitable for a Galaxy far, far away.

There’s not a whole lot in the way of other news around the parks so we take a continuing look at Tom Sawyer Island which continues to show its new colors as more of the existing structures are getting refurbished in addition to landscapes and rock-work that are also getting work around the island.

The characters seemed to be out in full force this morning, too, with unusual sightings of characters all over the park and we’ll hop into the Emporium for a quick merch fix before heading out from our quickie park visit! Disney magic in small doses!

Summer crowds are definitely in full force!

Star Wars Themed Land

Tom Sawyer Island

More touch-ups around the island.

This little shack now sports a redder color matching the nearby mill.


More Disneyland

Frontierland Shootin’ Exposition is down for some fixin’.

Disneyland taking away our guns.


Bobsled runs are delayed this morning.

New Orleans Square Train Station water tower is getting some attention.

So is the ToonTown Depot water tower and station.

Under wraps!

Mickey and crew came to welcome everyone into ToonTown!


Characters on the loose!

Merch Run

Just a quick run though of random THINGS!

Last few weeks to get all your #Disneyland60 merchandise!

Before it glows away forever!

Get your 2016 merchandise too!


Love it!!


But wait, there’s more!

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