It was a glorious summer morning at the Disneyland Resort today with bright blue skies ready to welcome the vacationing crowds. The parks themselves are a hub of activity as the new Star Wars themed land continues to shoot more and more metal and concrete up to the sky.

Refurbishment projects continue also including Mickey’s Toon Town Train Depot which has debuted a decidedly muted version of its previous color scheme. On Tom Sawyer Island, more TLC continues to spread around the island and the Sailing Ship Columbia has left its berth for greener waters up the river.

Also around the riverbend, we sought a rare audience with Pocahontas who was sporting her new duds to greet guests. The morning was warm and Dole Whips were cold at 10am so I seized the opportunity of there being no line and enjoyed a decidedly frosty tangy breakfast and enjoyed a concert in Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room. We also do a quick merch run and spot some new artwork available at the Wonderground Gallery.

All of this and more in our newest pictorial update!


Eastern Gateway Project

If you missed it earlier this week, new information and details were released for the upcoming Eastern Gateway Project which will bring a new parking structure, security gateway, pedestrian bridge, and transportation hub to the Disneyland Resort adding nearly 7,000 new parking spaces and added infrastructure support.

Read more: Seven-story parking structure, security area, possibly reworked monorail and more in progress for Disneyland Resort

Star Wars Themed Land

A look across the landscape.

Can’t wait for it all to open? You can get your fix of Star Wars in Tomorrowland with Star Tours and the Star Wars Launch Bay.

Tom Sawyer Island

It was a beautiful morning and the waters were super calm almost like a reflection pool.

Hm, that’s a new addition on the horizon over Tom Sawyer Island

Something’s missing here…

Found it! The Sailing Ship Columbia is now at the opposite end of the river.

The Sailing Ship Columbia wasn’t the only one to find its way just around the riverbend!

Pocahontas was greeting guests in her brand new outfit.

Main Street, USA

The Market House Starbucks is all covered up!

But it’s still open!

These Pete’s Dragon Candy Apples are absolutely adorable. Modeled after the animated version, not the new one in theaters now.

Want S’more? This is your month!

More Disneyland

Scaffolding is down on Mickey’s ToonTown Train Depot and it’s sporting a decidedly more muted color palette than before.

Saw a Cast Member in regular clothes walking around the shop taking pictures of all the things that are broken or in need of repair. Wonder if this shop will be going down soon…

The Disneyland 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration is winding down to end this Labor Day!

Nothing to see here folks. Certainly no Sky Way. Hope those three stairs remain, a little nod to the past!

I basically want to live at the foot of the Matterhorn. The sparkling water in the warm morning sun looked particularly inviting.

Rosetta outsources her gardening for Pixie Hollow?!

Look who’s back spinning popcorn in Frontierland!

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And for good measure… the Matterhorn Yeti doing his part. Another Facebook Live video from our Facebook!


Taking a moment to appreciate… the petrified tree… OK! Moving on.

Wonder if this will be the next design on a Twenty Eight & Main product.

Backside of pattleboat.

Anbody miss Hunny Popcorn? Or Green Bean Fries? Or Fried Green Tomato Sandwiches?

More walls!

Scaffolding backstage between Adventureland/Frontierland.

Who says I can’t have Dole Whip for breakfast?

How do you eat yours?

Behold the frosty majesty of the #MattDOLEhorn!

Snagged my favorite seat in the back corner of Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room to enjoy my Dole Whip.

These “robins” are what inspired my visit after reading Kevin Kidney’s most recent blogpost about restoring a pair of them. These guys in this cage look like they could do with some restoration. They appear to have molten quite a bit.

Olé, Olé!


Looks like the walkway in front of Naples and Napolini has been turned into a parklet of sorts with more seating options available. Never usually eat here, didn’t realize how popular it was; do you have any must-haves at either location?

Refurbishment work continues at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.

Just got wind of this super random dedication that took place on Earth Day this year, a dedication of the Live Oak to members of Disney Vacation Club in commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of the timeshare company.

Hop aboard the Monorail for a visit to Downtown Disney.

Wonderground Gallery

New artwork is now on display at Wonderground Gallery by artists Francisco Herrera, Joey Chou, and Michelle Bickford. They had a signing event this afternoon at the shop.

This glow in the dark Hatbox Ghost t-shirt should prove to be quite popular!

Francisco Herrera’s hew Haunted Mansion artwork is available in a variety of formats.

Joey Chou’s Space Mountain artwork is colorfully awesome.

Michelle Bickford’s kooky style representing various iconic memories from Disneyland’s past.

More artwork inside.

Merchandise Run

And now… random things!

Cute travel umbrella.

Twenty Eight & Main because why not?

It’s a small world after all…


But wait, there’s more!

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