There’s no shame here. Well, it wouldn’t be a “guilty pleasure” if there wasn’t just a little but we absolutely love THE 100 on the CW. What started off as a mildly teen-aimed show set in a post-nuclear Apocalypse earth has quickly become one of the most entertaining and gripping shows on basic television. With hints of mystery like LOST and an endless menagerie of interesting characters who are all intricately intertwined with each other, it never disappoints and following the climatic events of the most recent season, the show made its return once again to San Diego Comic-Con.

 ALIE has been defeated, and The City of Light destroyed, but the victory is bittersweet and short-lived as a new threat now terrorizes survivors who have made it to the FOURTH season. They will once again have put aside their differences and figure out which alliances will be best save themselves and what remains left of humanity.

In a sizzle reel shown that recapped where we are in the show, we get a tiny peek from next season with a fast-moving thunder storm that over takes Polis. Think: Regina’s devastating course in Once Upon a Time and you get the idea; except instead of magic that it brings it’s deadly radiation.

Up to task to talk about the dangers and lures ahead were a panel comprised of cast notables including Eliza Taylor (Clark), Marie Avgeropoulous (Octavia), Lindsay Morgan (Raven), Henry Ian Cusick (Marcus), Christopher Larkin (Monty), and Richard Harmon (Murphy) plus show Creator/Executive Produce Jason Rothenberg.

Cusick shared some of the bigger news in the panel including the fact that he’ll be directing an upcoming episode of the show. He also revealed that his character Kane was also originally going to be the father of Raven Reyes. This was a storyline that was dropped in the first season.

 Also touted during the panel was that Zach McGowan has been promoted to a series regular in the new season as King of the Ice Nation. We also learn that Clark will finally be coming more into her own and recognizing and owning up to her power as a leader. Post ALIE Raven will also be experiencing some character changes following the destruction of the City of Light.

Marie‘s Octavia will also continue her character’s evolution. After last season we saw her exact sweet range for Lincoln and that act did not leave her unmarked. We’ll find her character moving deeper and darker into her own anger and hate with murder far from the least of her concerns.

One bit of news that Jasper (Devon Bostick) fans will be happy about was a last minute decision to not have him commit suicide in this last season finale. While a completely gratifying end to the character’s arc, Rothenberg felt it too dark a turn even for this show and has more plans in store for the fan-favorite.

The 100 returns midseason with all-new episodes on The CW. The 100: The Complete Third Season will be available on DVD on July 19.