Wandering ever deeper into the world of an online presence, a new portal has been made available by the house of mouse with Disney LOL. The new app and accompanying website bring a variety of social content that is both fun and safe for families.

According to Disney, the app includes: a daily dose of OMG-worthy GIFs, videos, and more from Disney, Disney-Pixar, Disney Channel, Disney XD, Star Wars, and Marvel.

The Disney LOL app is the next in an already expansive content-creation plan that includes various social media and micro content platforms. Disney currently has 1.15 billion followers across  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat and Vine; driving 325 million views per month.

Disney also just launched the Mickey Video app which features even more content but is only available for iPhone, iPad and on Apple TV.

Disney LOL free to download and available in Google Play and the App Store . You can also visit Disney LOL on the web: http://lol.disney.com.